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You realize that this kind of stupid-talk sounds 10x times worst than the idiocy you guys are responding to, right?

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    People actually care about Soccer in the country? Also, you people need to realize something: If this was football or baseball, the comments would be more prolific and faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar worse. I love japan and I’d probably join the cavalcade of idiocy just for fun/intoxication. Just let it go: your comments are making our group look worse by comparison. I especially love the calls of “rednecks!” and “Nuke New Orleans!” That’ll teach those insensitive facebookers how it’s done!

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    Meanwhile, some news show takes those comments you people just posted as proof that Japanophiles are bloodthirsty retards. Fantastic.

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    A lot of people in the military, especially infantry where they actually *do* lay their lives on the line, think in the way you say they won’t. I wouldn’t be so hasty to proclaim that that’s the extent of their patriotism. To prove my point, if you think this is bad, the jokes infantry make about Japan when the boys don’t even care about soccer are 10x worse, at least in the Army.

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    Truth. Preach it.

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    Let’s not forget the rape of nankin, ok? The Japanese provoked the rest of the world with a level of brutality that was worse than nazi germany, not the other way around.

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