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Good that you only checked out that episode, I, as a fujoshi thought “Ok, never mind the fucking idiotic girl. Just watch it for the guys”, yes?
So I watch episode 2. And the girl can’t read sheet music, like she can’t read any music on paper. That was the last drop I mean how the fuck does one get in a music school when they can’t read sheet music?! It’s the basics.

So even, fujoshis like me dropped it because of the retardedness. The only ones in the western society watching this crap are dumbfuck weeaboos.

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  • Okusama ga Seitokaichou Totally Tight:
    i hate single target sexuality MCs. I would be more interesting main girl and guy have romantic feelings for each other but before they hok up they fuck other guys/girls instead of this constantly recycled plot of male mc gets all the girls, only wants one but will kill any guys trying to get the rejected girls.

  • Slayers Film & OVA BD-Box CM Nostalgic Indeed:
    “Danmachi, or Zero no Tsukaima” after a certain point hell no, just becomes more ln/harem crap “Rune Soldier and Orphen I & II” agreed on Louie..not so much Orphen and season 2 is just annoying.

  • Top 10 To Love-Ru Girls You’d Marry:
    Not Mikado sensei? another faillist alot.

  • Top 10 To Love-Ru Girls You’d Marry:
    @anon 9:11 Clones are indeed children of the parent cell/organism. And clone chains are measured by generation. Jango Fett is no less a father than any other man with a biological child.

  • Top 10 To Love-Ru Girls You’d Marry:
    Well, if we’re talking about marrying and fucking teenagers then yes. The girls would be mothers years before they’re 20.


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