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Top 20 Flat-Chested Anime Girls


Few anime would be considered complete without a token flat-chested character, and in some cases they are blessed with an entire cast of washboard girls – fans supply an extensive ranking of their favourites, who may or may not also correspond to the very flattest.

The ranking:

1. Konata (Lucky Star)

2. Mikoto (To Aru)

3. Taiga (Toradora!)

4. Dragon Kid (Tiger & Bunny)

5. Minami (Baka to Test)

6. Yutaka (Lucky Star)

7. Mahiru (Working!!)

8. Nagi (Hayate)

9. Aria (Hidan no Aria)

10. Index (To Aru)

11. Minami (Lucky Star)

12. Nagi-sama (Kannagi)

13. Misae (Crayon Shin-chan)

14. Shana (Shakugan no Shana)

15. Yuno (Hidamari Sketch)

16. Kyouko (Jigoku Sensei Nube)

17. Ryouko (Ookami-san)

18. Louise (Zero no Tsukaima)

19. Sae (Hidamari Sketch)

20. Erio (Denpa Onna)

One of the few character rankings K-ON! is utterly incapable of dominating, Azusa notwithstanding.

See also the corresponding ranking for busty bishoujo.

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