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I haven’t gotten down to watched the series, but this doesn’t make sense. On many sites the sequels are liked just as much as the first. Are all the haters subconsciously drawn to this site?

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  • Minami-ke “Will Get Second Season”:
    Anime News Network, Anime Planet, My Anime List… Actual popular websites, where thousands of people have rated. Okay, so the second and third seasons got a little lower scores, but a difference of 1/2 a point doesn’t make something bad.

  • Minami-ke “Will Get Second Season”:
    I see this a lot. It’s annoying actually. Companies are in a lose-lose situation when they make long awaited sequels. It is nearly impossible most of the time to meet the expectations. Many sequels are poorly received even though they are just as good as the original.

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  • Dragon’s Crown Sorceress “Excessively Animated”:
    I also want to point out that since this is an anime style game, it probably is only going to appeal to anime fans. Anime fans even in America will still probably prefer the female characters. It’s not like the gamers who only play CoD and Gears of War, are going to play this.

  • Top 10 Winter 2013 Anime You Shouldn’t Have Dropped!:
    It was pretty boring.

  • Ghost in the Shell ARISE Announced: “A New Motoko!”:
    I’m hoping the music is done by Yoko Kanno again, or by Kenji Kawai who did the 1995 movie and its sequel.

  • Wii U Power Brick “Xbox Huge”:
    I don’t care how big it is as long as the plug itself is normal. I hate it when I have a device that has a huge plug, and takes up two outlets.

  • Top 20 Anime With The Best Music:
    I don’t even get annoyed anymore. Cowboy Bebop should be on there, but since I was expecting that I knew it wouldn’t be on the list. I am just assuming the people taking these surveys are just good trolls. If I did had to choose a recent anime (since that’s all they can remember) with good music, it would be Fairy Tail. Of course it’s not on there either.


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