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I guess it just depends on who’s speaking, nonetheless, I guess that me having to learn how to have a decent accent in English after speaking German my whole life makes it seem different to me. It might also be the difference in the languages, German and English are close enough ( in my opinion ) that it isn’t too difficult to imitate whereas Japanese is so different ( again, my opinion ) from English that it may be harder.

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  • The Wuthering Heights of Aya Hirano:
    You know, being a troll isn’t cool anymore, I don’t think Americans are overtly fond of how condescending Brits talk and think their accent is stupid, I guess someone could argue that American English is more unique and takes more skill to speak than British English if you’re going to be like that. I’m German and I have an exceedingly heavy accent when I’m not trying to sound more proper but when I do it’s not all that hard, same with British accents, they are very easy to imitate. I would also …

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    Yes, Higurashi I love that. ( BTW : Is it bad I’ve watched all of these and some more than twice ? )

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    # 1 = Sounds like a plan, we’ll be the best boyfriend / girlfriend team on Black Ops ever ! # 2 = Apart from you being an outstanding bitch your all right in my book # 3 = Sure, I will if you want just not all my damn time # 4 = More for me # 5 = How long are you planning on bothering me ? About that long then # 6 = If it gets you out of my hair so be it, don’t try acting like a complete ass about it and you might just not get dumped # 7 = That’s nice, why should I care about what YOUR friends …

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    LOL I love this list ! K-ON! is one of my favorite animes ! ( If not my absolute favorite ) People will always troll something that’s popular I guess. I don’t even get how the word ,, overrated ” exists, to my knowledge it means something like ,, disliked for being popular by people who think that it is not as good as people think. ” Now how exactly is that possible ? It’s popular because a large majority of people find it interesting, so that makes it bad ? Why would I listen to the minority …

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    keep moving troll

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    They are the worst because they are some of the most popular ? Color me confused. All I know is that I love K-ON and I don’t really need the opinion of people I’ve never met before. So take that to the bank and cash it…… or something.


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