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Yeah, she’s definitely cute.

And I’m with you on the original’s score. They’ve never made a proper figure of her either…

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  • Disney Has A Lot To Answer For…:
    That’s Pakira (Pachira) from the anime Renkin 3-kyū Magical? Pokān (or Magipoka for short). Have had that figure for years now – really hard to find these days however. And her top comes off to reveal nipples! How times have changed – the LDP may take those away from us too! -_-;

  • Beautiful Touwa Erio Figure:
    Yep. Really awesome. Was only re-watching the show again when I chanced upon the post of this figure on HLJ – what a way to go! Glad they’re finally releasing a bigger figure of her! ^__^

  • K-ON! Movie “More Moe Than Ever”:
    Especially if it had their beloved girls plastered all over it! ^_^

  • “Let’s Moeify The Internet Right!”:
    Wonder if she’s Sephiroth’s love child…?

  • Topless Konoe Subaru Bikini Ero-Figure:
    This is what got me into the show! I saw the figure, loved it to bits and decided to download and watch the entire series so far! I think it suits her perfectly, and looks just like her in figure form – it’s hard to get figures to portray the exact likeness of a character from anime, so this is stellar imho… Anyway, on my list immediately and I now love the show because of this figure! ^_~


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