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I’m surprised there is no Zero No Tsukaima. Then again, the Light Novels are also lame.
Btw, Record of Lodoss War? That’s a surprise.

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  • Lovely x Cation Succulent Schoolgirl Ero-Anime:
    Well why do you think that it’s like that, smartass? It couldn’t possibly be because of girl-alienating comments from Internet Tough Guy morons, right? Girls might still visit the comment section since I can’t be the only one or so I hope. If you want girls to feel welcome on the site and in the comment section, make them feel welcome rather than assuming they are not the real deal and posting chauvinistic nonsense.

  • Sei Shoujo Ero-Anime Spectacular:
    I agree with the loli but it should still be loving, not violent. A bit rough is ok but overly brutal is not.

  • Lovely x Cation Succulent Schoolgirl Ero-Anime:
    Normally I don’t stuff with girls who have bigger boobs than me but this looks quite nice.

  • Prisma Illya 2wei Herz! PV Hits the Beach:
    Can I adopt Illya and become her big sister? She’s sooooo adorable.

  • Monmusu Quest! Paradox RPG “Swarms of Monster Girls!”:
    Talk about asset recycling. What I hope is that we find out more about the original monster girls because in the story there was the dark goddess Alipheese and 6 “ancestors”, 1 of which plays a role in the original MGQ VN and 2 more of whom we know the names, design and races, which means 3 are still completely unknown.


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