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The emotes are just too cute!

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  • Tera Online “Sexiest MMORPG Yet”:
    It’s supposed to emulate the likes of Monster Hunter more than something like World of Warcraft. More Korean MMOs seems to go the action route of actually physically connecting hits to the enemy instead of only relying on RPG statistics.

  • Tera Online “Sexiest MMORPG Yet”:
    I would normally agree Yoshii-kun, but Tera and Vindicutus and a few other MMOs recently are aiming for less grind, more action. In Tera, you’re going to worry about fighting more than grinding since it won’t be an actual grind like it always were.

  • Tera Online “Sexiest MMORPG Yet”:
    Funny thing is, this game is supposed to be entirely action oriented. So it’s actually much less grind-oriented than even most MMORPGs in the West.

  • Tera Online “Sexiest MMORPG Yet”:
    Cuter in motion! I think both males and females looks pretty good in the game. And of course, they explain that Elin races of lolis are all hundreds of years old.

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  • Japan’s B-CAS Cracked: “Free Pay TV For All”:
    Bluray would be a good option if they weren’t so hideously expensive. It’s not like how it is in the West where most Bluray are priced criminally low (unless it’s a well known TV show, where they mark up the prices to Japanese-levels)

  • Osaka: “Lady Gaga Isn’t Good Enough For Us!”:
    Japan is such a great nation when it doesn’t have wackos who tries to push out a ‘clean’ nation filled with yes men/women who only live a certain way and of course, everything foreign and different and alternative is all evil and needs to be kicked out of Japan ASAP. As a nation, it should be a shameful thing to preach on like this. Especially for a conquering nation that was hell bent on taking over foreign lands for hundreds of years with countless failed attempts (and several successful ones …

  • Top 15 Anime Deaths You Wish Didn’t Happen:
    I think it had enough drama to be impactful regardless. I still wonder why Tomoe Mami is chosen over Miki Sayaka considering Sayaka suffered so much throughout the season and was arguably the main hero of the story.

  • Miku Dominates Super GT Again:
    Squid heretic!

  • Love Plus Takane Manaka Seifuku Bikini Cosplay by Enako:
    I kind of wish the blue and white part of her uniforms were reversed. Because the blue outline makes her look wider than she is. /fashion-geek


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