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Anon11:12 spoke the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.

…Though I can’t say I’d decline being totally transformed into the bitch in pic 24, in real life.


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  • Tera Online “Sexiest MMORPG Yet”:
    Sex I have sex with my Girl freind.

  • Tera Online “Sexiest MMORPG Yet”:
    I. Like. This. Game. It’s. Complete. Awesome. And. Good. Picture. Of. What .have a nice time.

  • Tera Online “Sexiest MMORPG Yet”:
    NEVER hand the Loli MMORPG to the western bonehead. The average westerner will fuck the game up so badly it won’t even be recognizable. My game i’ve been following for a year and a half now. UGH!

  • Tera Online “Sexiest MMORPG Yet”:
    Tera Online got fucked by crybaby pants! The game has went to generic “westernization”(Just fucking censorship) hell ever since. Cheap NA gaming company. Just skip TERA and get another game. It’s been fucked so badly all the moral fags have pounded this game into dust.

  • Tera Online “Sexiest MMORPG Yet”:
    I’ve learned not to trust these phoney publishers after the bullshit they landed on Tera’s elin. Knoxxer is the cause of this and some other dude. Both idiots. More than just the clothes’s been changed questlines been altered (Two Tails Quest), in-game loading screens been removed, and several other suttle sleezy crap. The armor got trashed in the process with glitches and problems and there’s harassment everyone just for playing this race! Just so they can have cry-babies and moralfags play on …

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