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Even as young adults (Kujo and Victoria are 18 years old in the end), Victorica will be always short. :D

That was indeed a “good” ending but I am missing that they never admitted their feelings officially in the series. Victoria wears a wedding dress in the end…

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  • Anal Hentai Gallery:
    So many pictures of one female character of a show that airs since only 6 weeks? However I really don’t like her hairstyle. It does not suit her very much.

  • Ore no Imouto Fan Fury:
    Kyosuke will break up with Kuroneko after Kirino comes back from America… :D Kuroneko was just a temporal sister replacement for Kyosuke. Of course, Kuroneko was getting into this act and was hitting on him and played the imouto role. But after all, the feelings for his real sister are stronger. And the story will end with the marriage of Kyosuke and Kirino after the parents tell them that they are not blood related because Kirino is just an adopted child.

  • Ore no Imouto Kirinopan Anime:
    And the title of the last episode will be…. “My little sister and my kouhai can’t be this pregnant”

  • My Little Sister Can’t Be Getting Her Own Mecha Anime!?:
    Kyosuke does so much for his sister, and she is always relying on him. So how will this anime end…? I think at the last episode she is showing her real feelings for him… *Incest end* Well… at least she gives him a big smooch kiss. Unlucky for him, his parents are accidentelly watching this and his father nearly kills him at the end. :D

  • Maria Holic Second Season Announced:
    I really love this show! When will it start? :)


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