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Derflinger was a pretty awesome sword.

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  • Top 10 Anime Swords:
    That’s true. I loved Fate/Stay Night and Saber, but her sword was a sword. Derflinger was a comedian, had wisdom and could watch your back. Too bad it didn’t have any more lines in the anime though. I always liked hearing what came out of his mouth.

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    Sex and bad news. That’s all this site shows. It’s Japan through the USA’s mainstream news shows. Japan isn’t all suicide and pedophiles like this site shows.

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    I agree. I enjoyed Fate/Stay Night as well. However, looking back after watching Fate/Zero, I can see why it’s looked down upon. Fate/Zero is, at least in my opinion, markedly superior to FSN. There’s just not enough Saber in F/Z, that’s my only problem with it.


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