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still looks macho shithead now get the fuck outa this website before us otaku hunt you down and kill you

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  • Skirt Kedamono Deshita Unveils the Truth:
    Such characters (“boring black haired beta male”) exist to pander Japan’s otaku audience for: “He is one of us.” If male lead in anime were to get some intimate, hot action, he would be just a normal dude, and those types aren’t liked by otaku audience. You may have seen anime, manga, and light novels where otaku characters express their hatred against normal people with lives. And number of Japan’s otaku are that way too. Gotta pander the audience and keep harem kings eternal virgins.

  • Old VS New Character Designs “Pretty Jarring”:
    The micky mouse one should have the steamboat willie version, oswald is a different character altogether

  • Top 20 Funniest Manga:
    Konosuba is from light novels. Also manga shortens and totally cuts off the scenes.

  • Old VS New Character Designs “Pretty Jarring”:

  • Top 20 Funniest Manga:
    Gintama does miserably in jump rankings though.. Even the anime doesn’t do that great either.


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