Lolicon Busted for $200 Schoolgirl 4P


A man has been arrested for paying three 13-year-old schoolgirls to participate in an orgy with him, having paid the princely sum of ¥15000 for all three.

The 44-year-old self-employed Kanagawa prefecture man used a mobile phone “deaikei” dating site to get in touch with a third year middle schooler hawking herself on the site.

He promised to pay her ¥15,000 to meet him at a Yokohama love hotel, accompanied by two of her classmates. He is accused of engaging in indecent acts with all 3. The girl apparently split the proceeds from this with her friends.

On another later occasion he is alleged to have paid the girl ¥5,000 for sex at the same hotel, accompanied by another one of her classmates.

Police also decided to try their luck with a search warrant when all this came to light, and turned up a gram of cannabis at his home, for which he has been charged.

Japanese law being what it is, he can probably expect a harsher sentence for the gram of cannabis than the 3 schoolgirls, who of course escape punishment completely despite being the ones to advertise themselves online, and in the case of the ringleader, pimp out her classmates.

2ch is more than anything envious of the man’s good fortune at securing such a bargain (the going rate for schoolgirls as available to old men is ¥10,000+):


“Which eroge was this?”

“This price level seems to be coming up a lot lately. Is the recession affecting them as well?”

“No, as there were three he paid ¥5,000 each. Amazing price.”

“I want to die.”

“Deaikei sites are really something. This is good advertising for them.”

“Ganja power? Strong stuff.”

“Suspect: ‘I thought it was OK as in total their ages come to 39…'”

“Stick to 18-19-year-olds. Better than getting caught.”

“You shouldn’t get arrested for idiotic stuff like this. Middle schoolers who act like that are not children.”

“How’d he get caught anyway?”

“It says ‘promised to pay’ – maybe he didn’t pay up?”

“If they get caught the authorities will investigate what they have been up to and they’ll soon spill the beans. Kids with lots of money are sure to attract suspicion.”


“He got the second pair for ¥2500 each?”


“If they made the names of the prostitutes public as well, and made them put it on their CVs, they’d easily get this under control.”

“The 4P of my dreams…”

“It’s even cheaper than cosplay health…”

“JC and JK are high risk so naturally they have to keep lowering their prices to compete.”

“How unusual – a lolicon arrested and they are not a teacher.”

“And nobody at all cares about his dope…”

“I’m so envious!”

“Whenever they keep the suspect’s name and picture secret you can be sure it’s a Korean.”

“Imagine how pissed a parent would be to have their lovingly raised daughter go out and sell herself for ¥2500…”

“If there are people selling, there will be buyers, and if there are people buying, there will be sellers. Targeting only buyers is absolutely pointless.”


“Even if he did get arrested it’s hard to see him having any regrets.”

“Unless they crack down on the sellers they’ll never reduce it. After 10 they should really be held criminally responsible.”

“It’s even cheaper than a brothel!”

“Those foolish girls. To think some poor guy is going to end up marrying them in future. There must be a lot of girls hiding past prostitution, AV and abortion experiences and marrying like nothing happened.”

“Damn cheap. On the site I use some 30-year-old hag will ask for ¥20,000 as if it’s nothing. The ones in their late twenties want 25,000. And when you meet them it turns out they look like lepers! Give me a break.”

“Do all middle schoolers get up to this? Or is it just a few idiots?”

“In my middle school, the fact that half the girls in the class had experience with enkou [enjo kousai, “compensated dating”] became known to the local PTA and there was a major outcry.”

“At least he’s self employed, shouldn’t be too hard to rehabiliate himself.”

“All you virgins are green with envy, aren’t you?”


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