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…and before anyone argues with the selection choice, I’d like to say that ‘moeblob’ describes a character with numerous appealing traits or ‘Moe’ factors. What are these factors? Stuff that incite a special feeling in you that could be described as a similar reaction to when you see something cute. It does not necessarily refer to a character that’s the embodiment of ‘extreme cuteness’, nor is it a type of artstyle.

Or as described by numerous scholars such as Hiroki Azuma, a form of stimulation. Tsundere, Silent Character, Cute, Klutzy, Maids and Glasses are all moe.

Moe does not mean no characterization. Moe is everywhere. Moe can be anything. You can’t escape it. Yes, moe is subjective and the moe factors can differ from people to people. However, those listed above are numerous common ones that are agreed upon by many people. It’s Database consumption.

In that respect, Nagato, Misaka Mikoto and Kuroneko are moe as all hell. (^.^)

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    You do have a point, but while you can definitely wear out traditional ‘moe factors’, you can’t wear out ‘moe’ itself, which has arguably been present since after Evangelion aired and the Sarin Gas Attack. Previously, it was all about ‘narrative consumption’. After Japan lost the war, the emperor was no longer thought to be as divine as he originally was and the ‘grand narrative’ was lost. It is argued that many turned to Anime to seek an alternate ‘grand narrative’, hence the popularity of …

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    It’s such an amazing movie. Didn’t come to Singapore like the first two, but had the pleasure, nay, honor of watching it in cinemas in Japan during my homestay program. Sad that I won’t be able to get ahold of this BD till the end of the month as it’s bundled together with all my other April orders.

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    The problems that come with licensing this would be similar to other crossover games like Super Robot Wars. Too many rights of all the individual franchises to manage. It would be expensive and I even in the US, I do believe different companies hold the rights for the various series featured.

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    Sorry, Mikoto > Shana in my books! (^.^)

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    I’d personally vote for Ichigo Mashimaro too.

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