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“The Best Anime According to Foreigners”


2ch has discovered a ranking of the anime most well regarded by the hairy barbarians who dwell in foreign lands.

The exchange:

“The best anime tournament as selected by GAIJIN:”


“Looking at the top left I laughed.”

“Wait, Boku no Pico actually got quite far!?”

“Madoka lost to Eva!”

“What the hell is this tournament?”

“Looking at the whole thing it is full of quality anime. I’d have liked to have seen more recent ones though. Where’s it from?”

“I got it off 4chan.”

“4chan… looking at the results it seems some negative voting has been going on.”

“Naruto died early on.”

“This looks about right. That lot really likes Bebop.”

“Baccano is doing well…”

“I’m happy about that.”

“For K-ON! and Railgun to lose in the first round – foreigners have no sense at all.”

“Madoka was never going to beat Eva but Madoka has done so well to get this far with only a single season.”

“Bible Black…”

“Foreigners like Baccano… maybe because it is set in a foreign country?”

“Madocchi had nasty opponents, going up against AB and then Eva…”

Few could question the overwhelming worthiness of Cowboy Bebop and Evangelion, but with Boku no Pico beating Toradora and Baccano crushing Bible Black and Ghost in the Shell there is much to ponder about the results… and about 2ch’s belief that the results neatly represent the tastes of all “foreigners.”

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