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I have fun with, cause I found just what I was looking for. You’ve ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have a nice day. Bye

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  • Aya Hirano Balding Again:
    Sankaku has been hating on Aya since like FOREVER! But, does not even have the INTEGRITY to be honest about it or the GUTS to say WHY!!!

  • Aya Hirano Balding Again:
    Aterfact must love to suck Aya Hirano’s big imaginary cock if he posts about here every week. What a loser.

  • Aya Hirano Balding Again:
    That’s what happens when you play a character in DragonBall Z Kai named DenDe

  • Aya Hirano Balding Again:
    You’re confusing the Korean horror flick “The Wig” (mediocre at best) with Sion Sono’s delightfully subversive “Exte: Hair Extensions”.

  • Aya Hirano Balding Again:
    Combing over her giant forehead, are we?:)

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  • Police Arrest Man For Not JK Skirt-Flipping:
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  • Yuru Yuri San Hai Still Gloriously Yuri:
    I think she would be the easiest as well.

  • One-Punch Man A Real Heavyweight:
    I dont know what is going on here, but i saw you won an internet argument! quick! someone give him the special retard award!

  • One-Punch Man A Real Heavyweight:
    you can never have too much fisting.

  • Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry “Seems Familiar…”:
    Look it up on either the Japanese or English wiki, both NEEDLESS and SAO are categorized as Seinen. And I hope you’re trolling when saying Bakuman is a battle manga, or that Death Note and Mirai Nikki aren’t “innovative” at the very least. If you’re trying to troll, please try to do something that will make yourself seem less of a retard. Also if you think the point of my arguments is “who copies who”, then you’re completely missing the point, the point isn’t that copycats exist, it’s that the …


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