Comment on Pokémon Collector Cuts Off Little Girl’s Clothes to Catch ‘Em by Kaarme:

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You have a scissors fetish or something to judge this sexual?

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  • Trinity Seven Sucks Hard:
    The kind of old-school fanservice you described doesn’t work anymore. Gender equality now dictates that both males and females must be active, achieving characters. In practice that means girls in anime can’t anymore be mere beautiful damsels in distress that the hero rescues. Just like the guys, they instead need to fight and get all dirty – and naturally lose some clothing items in the process. It has got nothing to do with men wanting to see girls abused.

  • Trinity Seven Sucks Hard:
    How is a fanservice anime ruined by fanservice? That’s like saying an action anime would be ruined by action. Comedy anime ruined by comedy. Sankaku ruined by witless Top lists… No, wait, the last one doesn’t apply.

  • Shokugeki no Soma Anime Announced:
    Jolly good. I hope they won’t go for an anime original ending. I want to see a proper Alice ending, haha.

  • Tamatoys: “JK Fecal Odour Recreated Perfectly”:
    That would be brilliant!

  • Strike Witches Aurora no Majo: “Quite Sexy”:
    One thing I enjoy about the universe is how the witches (and support) are from so many different countries yet they are all united and working together. It’s so nicely different from the reality, especially here in Europe these days…


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