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You have a scissors fetish or something to judge this sexual?

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  • Top 30 Anime Songs for Karaoke:
    It’s a jolly good song, though. Nothing wrong with a bit of challenge. I didn’t even remember Melissa was from the original FMA. But then again, I didn’t like the old FMA and its anime original ending. Good music couldn’t save it.

  • Bullet Wet Dream = “Guns + Ero + WTF”:
    Yeah, but who knows what kind of graphics and even lighting the engine would have been capable of when the level designer decided to use a grand total of three textures and architecture consisting of nothing but random corridors and nonsensical rooms. All of it naturally with shadowless ambient lighting. Oh, pardon me, there’s even a floating platform inside a rudimentary skybox.

  • Bullet Wet Dream = “Guns + Ero + WTF”:
    Hard to say. The level designer is obviously so bad he should be either shot or kept away from computers by a court order. In any case, the design is so abysmal it masks the possible capabilities of the engine, making it look like one of the earliest generations of 3D engines from the 90′s.

  • Shinmai Maou no Keiyakusha Endless Service Anime:
    This episode had more steam than that program I had to install on my computer in order to play games.

  • Top 20 Anime Girls That Should Star:
    I have no problems with this list, despite not personally being a Kuroko fan. I can very well understand why so many people like her, though. However, I find it hard to believe the majority of voters were female. How many girls/women would even watch a show like IS, yet Charlotte is #4?


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