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Yeah, especially when all other cultures see things differently. It’s like the dude driving against the traffic on motorways who thinks all others are wrong.


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  • “Why Do Japanese Use Circle = Correct & Tick = Incorrect?”:
    Ha indeed. Isn’t it their little country thats sitting in a well and shielding itself from the outside world ? They just made a law that forces teachers to sing the national anthem and justified it with being a part of the international community and respecting other nations flags and anthems (was a smokescreen to hide their nationalism ofc) but they still sit in a well and shield themselves from anything… anything except radiation apparently… ^_^ PS: I do live in Japan, so… meh…

  • “Why Do Japanese Use Circle = Correct & Tick = Incorrect?”:
    The typical asshat response is to point out others mistakes instead of admitting their own. Just like this dude. Fahrenheit, yards, pounds are outdated and stupid types of measurements, but the circle/tick thing the Japanese use is also outdated and stupid. I guess one of their engineers at fukushima also made that mistake… ^_^

  • “Why Do Japanese Use Circle = Correct & Tick = Incorrect?”:
    The metric system is the best system. Everything else needs to be scrapped.

  • “Why Do Japanese Use Circle = Correct & Tick = Incorrect?”:
    I don’t. He is a douchebag who is pissed that he has to pay a ridiculous premium on stuff other countries get at a fraction of the price. I live in japan and laugh at the mad blu-ray prices.

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