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As long as the great loli exists as will sancon.

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  • Madoka Magica: Rebellion English Dub Teased:
    I think we can all agree it was a terrible film.

  • Madoka Itasha Mauled:
    actually looks like he was running the light or something and clipped the corner of the bumper pulling it all away from the car and maybe wedging the bike under the car, rider probably jumped off or atleast didn’t get that close to the car.

  • Madoka Itasha Mauled:
    It’s transmission fluid, which is basically regular oil with a color additive the standard is red so that’s what it is. You can actually use regular car oil this depends on the car some have same oil type most don’t so it would damage a car to do this.

  • MS Admits Xbox One Drive Fault:
    and bad amazon packing.

  • Kill la Kill Shimapan Anime:
    the studio IS made up of previous gainax animators so that could probably be why.


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