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As long as the great loli exists as will sancon.

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  • MS Admits Xbox One Drive Fault:
    and bad amazon packing.

  • Kill la Kill Shimapan Anime:
    the studio IS made up of previous gainax animators so that could probably be why.

  • Nekomonogatari Shiro Finally Revealed:
    That’s actually a flashback, the scene that started everything in the series was him seeing hanekawa’s panties, spends nearly 3 chapters describing them in detail.

  • Japan NEETer Than Ever:
    I got a job at amazon easily and they promote internally very often. Going from pack to IT eventually and earns roughly 15 an hour as entry IT, pack earns around 12 USD.

  • PS4 = $399:
    any gpu can at low settings the 740 series will be easily. consoles typically run lower settings than PC


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