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I’m shocked they let Artefact post from jail. Must be an interesting change to be both making the news and reporting it.

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  • Teacher Hit Pupil 53 Times “For Eating Sweets on Bus”:
    I dunno. Maybe we’re thinking about this all wrong. Even with teachers like this Japan churns out students which are better educated, law-abiding, and at worst only end up killing themselves rather than blowing away dozens of innocent people in a school massacre. If you look at it as the ends justifying the means, it’s a net win no matter how you slice it.

  • Virus Hacker Busted: “A Typical Fat Cat-Loving Otaku”:
    I never did understand how the Japanese police manage to get so many confessions, even false ones. It’s not like they’re actually beating you with a rubber hose. Are the Japanese people so weak-willed and conformist that the police can really force you to confess even if you’re innocent just by talking to you sternly and psych-out tricks? At least wait until they start pistol-whipping you or shoving a broom handle up your @$$.

  • Top 20 Second Seasons You’re Wishing For:
    Shocked to actually see Ben-to on there. It was an incredibly underrated series, most likely because of its ridiculous premise. I was pleasantly surprised in just about every way though and a 2nd season would kick ass. Personally, I would love more Seitokai Yakuindomo too.

  • AKB48′s Minami Minegishi’s Sex Shaving “Shamed Japan”:
    This is _brilliant_. Now this is the way you basically choke someone to death by giving them exactly what in their horrible little minds they claim they wanted. I’m sure plenty of crazy AKB otaku thought something along the lines of ‘That whore should have her head shaved and apologize to all her fans on her knees’ or something even worse. By actually giving it to them in a stark and unvarnished way, even if they still secretly believe it’s the least she deserved they can never say so. Instead …

  • Comiket Caves To Terrorism: “Rather Ban Than Cancel”:
    I just keep thinking and _these_ are the people everyone was so terrified and worried about in World War II? The implacable enemy who everyone was sure would fight to the bitter end and never surrender even if Japan itself was invaded causing a bloody war of attrition? It’s amazing how much things can change in just a few generations.


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