Sexy Sayaka Miki Cosplay


Tragic character Sayaka Miki from wicked mahou shoujo abuse anime Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica is given quite the striking cosplay depiction by here by Mai:



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  • Anonymous on April 19, 2014 15:08
    Nanana Fetishes Abound
  • Anyone else getting a Kirino Vibe from this girl?... More
  • Anonymous on April 19, 2014 15:04
    Nanana Fetishes Abound
  • I hear there is a trap somewhere...... More
  • Anonymous on April 19, 2014 15:03
    Nanana Fetishes Abound
  • god what is it with japan having weak male mc's nowadays. honestly is there a reason behind this? do people actually prefer weak male mc's... More
  • Anonymous on April 19, 2014 15:02
    Nanana Fetishes Abound
  • Excuse me for a second, I've got to GO TO TOWN ON THAT BROWN!... More
  • Anonymous on April 19, 2014 14:53
    Nanana Fetishes Abound
  • sadly alot of anime's nowadays have useless MC's. that's why there's been an increase in female MC's as well as anime's where there are little... More
  • Anonymous on April 19, 2014 14:40
    Nanana Fetishes Abound
  • Wanna know how to make this anime even worse when there's already a boring useless male MC? Bring more boring useless male MCs. Instant dropped.... More