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The Retirement of Aya Hirano


Scandal seiyuu Aya Hirano has announced her retirement from the music business, saying she will not be releasing any more music.

She announced her retirement on Twitter – where else?

This latest best-of album from Lantis will be my last work.


In fact I decided last spring. Hysteric Barbie should have been the last but in the end it was decided to do the compilation and then finish. That’s all finished now.


Last year when my health collapsed I wrote everything in my blog, but I’m really filled with sad and lonely thoughts.

There’s nothing I can say about any future musical activity, but if I’m in a position to do anything I’ll report it.

She does not even mention her dormant career as seiyuu, so presumably she will continue to appear in the occasional anime.

It would appear her earlier protestations that Lantis was preventing her from releasing new music were an example of one of her famously strained interpretations of facts.

With her seiyuu career in shambles and her music career abandoned (and her idol career best not mentioned), this apparently leaves Hirano with only TV “talent,” some minor acting jobs, and, of course, Twitter as an outlet for her many talents.

The announcement seems not to have come as much of a surprise to anyone:

“So Lantis dropped her.”

“Last year when she was hospitalised she was just atoning for something she did I expect. I doubt she’ll ever explain about what’s wrong with her.”

“So she’s retiring? Thank you.”

“Lantis have dumped her in favour of Nichijou.”

“She was pegged to sing for Nichijou but as expected nothing came of it.”

“She’s quitting being a seiyuu, I understand.”

“Congratulations on quitting being a singer.”

“Is there still any demand for her seiyuu services?”

“When she appears in a porno I’ll buy it.”

“Are the lifeliners still breathing?”

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