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Sometimes I wonder how that country stays afloat. Then I remember.. There are so many of them. If a few thousand die.. there are more to replace them!

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    I think a video is necessary to solve this mystery.

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    I can tell a lot of people don’t read the comments on articles. A lot of people seem to have yellow fever, so their opinions lean in favor of Asians, the East, etc. I personally think that the genre these days isn’t as exciting. Japan releases a plethora of games, but only a select few actually reach the international market. This is why Japan’s sales suffer. People are tired of seeing the same thing. People always say America sucks or Asia sucks, blah blah blah. I don’t judge games based off …

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    I personally think that it is a possibility that Japan would create Mechs. Considering Japan is unable to sustain a military, building a small force of Mechs that could overwhelm thousands of people seems like a suitable plan. Bastards..

  • Nagayori:
    I agree.

  • Nagayori:
    It’s always the underground artists who depict the characters so well. ;_;V


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