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I can see what your getting at Mr House Sir, but honestly, I don’t think the Monster Hunter series is a game that needs plot. No more than Gordon Freeman needs a voice even.

The plot in Monster Hunter is:
You are a monster hunter. You hunt Monsters. Sometimes there are big scary ones that threaten a town, and you hunt them too. You get an occasional victory cinematic for special kills, and you go out to kill some more.

The key point there is, ‘YOU’ are a monster hunter. The character development and immersion comes in the form of your own experiences against each monster and as you learn how to defeat them. I never needed a narrator to tell me how I felt when a Tigrex (bad) turned up unannounced on a routine herbivore hunting mission. I also didn’t need any plot central NPC to help me feel the pride of victory when I finally came back and defeated that Tigrex further on in the game. It’s fair to compare the series to the grind of MMO’s in certain ways, but there’s a heavy amount of skill, tactics and learning involved in succeeding at the game. When I started playing through MH2, I was surprised at the real feeling of developing as a hunter I got. Not because of the new gear I’d made, which still failed to save me from that damned leaping attack, but because I’d learnt how to read the monster and now knew how to avoid the attack. My friends and I have all written our own stories based on our MH characters, filling in the gaps and fleshing out the stuff we imagine, even including transcribing things we physically say as if our characters said it.

Personally, my fault/issue with the game is the grinding, sadly still present despite the deceptively solid gameplay. I grew tired of eventually resorting to killing the same monster repeatedly to farm for weapon materials. It quickly steals the feel I described and makes it feel petty. It’s not too bad at the start of the game, but the late stage of the game heads into some sever grinding tedium. Hence why I only ever play 2/3rds of any Monster Hunter title. I strive to defeat them all once as part of the journey, and then stop.

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  • Monster Hunter 3rd Portable PS3 Excites Fans:
    the comparison was of their popularity and sales not quality. If you dislike one piece yourself that doesnt mean that you will dislike another with the same amount of hype and sales. Unless you only like unpopular stuff, you hipster you.

  • Monster Hunter 3rd Portable PS3 Excites Fans:
    I wanna duel wield dragon bone smashers

  • Monster Hunter 3rd Portable PS3 Excites Fans:
    anyone wonder what would happen if MH got a kinect version? leap of invicibility!!!! roll roll…guard!!!

  • Monster Hunter 3rd Portable PS3 Excites Fans:
    Not everything need an in depth story or plot for the means of entertainment. I play freedom unite with my bf and close friend and we make up our own stories to make the adventure seem unique rather than generic. Like someone mentioned already, the fact that you the hunter; is charged with defending the town and the people who travel from violent monsters wishing to expand territory or are just pricks. Maybe not exactly but he point is still there. When I play monster hunter, I want to fight …

  • Monster Hunter 3rd Portable PS3 Excites Fans:
    great, they waste time AND money to remake the game on a higher quality graphics instead on an english release. stupid i’d say… but i got tired and bored of the psp game anyway so it wont really make a difference. screw you capcom

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