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Someone stick him in the universe of Saya no Uta. And make him the lead character (players would know why..)

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  • Ishihara: “The Anime Industry Deserved the Quake!”:
    I would merely laugh if the Middle Eastern style Jasmine revolution spreads to Japan with things getting violent with some idea of a governmental overthrow. Just hope it doesn’t lead the hawks in so we get a WW3.

  • Ishihara: “The Anime Industry Deserved the Quake!”:
    Megidola, you SHOULD be scared. The game is one of the most mindbendingly strange/scary things I’ve ever half-played. I couldn’t get too into it due to the extreme guro-factor. But I do appreciate the story structure. But I think other Nitroplus games are way better since they’re a lot more palatable as a story. Like how their Requiem for the Phantom turned out into an amazing anime. I don’t’ think Saya no Uta can ever be an anime. I refuse to watch something that disturbing. XD

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  • Japan’s B-CAS Cracked: “Free Pay TV For All”:
    Bluray would be a good option if they weren’t so hideously expensive. It’s not like how it is in the West where most Bluray are priced criminally low (unless it’s a well known TV show, where they mark up the prices to Japanese-levels)

  • Osaka: “Lady Gaga Isn’t Good Enough For Us!”:
    Japan is such a great nation when it doesn’t have wackos who tries to push out a ‘clean’ nation filled with yes men/women who only live a certain way and of course, everything foreign and different and alternative is all evil and needs to be kicked out of Japan ASAP. As a nation, it should be a shameful thing to preach on like this. Especially for a conquering nation that was hell bent on taking over foreign lands for hundreds of years with countless failed attempts (and several successful ones …

  • Top 15 Anime Deaths You Wish Didn’t Happen:
    I think it had enough drama to be impactful regardless. I still wonder why Tomoe Mami is chosen over Miki Sayaka considering Sayaka suffered so much throughout the season and was arguably the main hero of the story.

  • Miku Dominates Super GT Again:
    Squid heretic!

  • Love Plus Takane Manaka Seifuku Bikini Cosplay by Enako:
    I kind of wish the blue and white part of her uniforms were reversed. Because the blue outline makes her look wider than she is. /fashion-geek


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