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“White Hands” – Onanism Nurses for the Disabled, $40 A Go


An assisted onanism “nursing” service for the disabled, the unfortunately “White Hands,” has lately been the subject of some sceptical discussion.

The service is intended to offer sexual release to sufferers of paralysis and muscle disorders who might otherwise not be able to engage in onanism normally.

Since its inception as a charity in Niigata in 2008, it has proven a success and expanded to offer services in 18 prefectures, although there are not many needing the service – only 5 in Niigata, it is said.

One of its patients, a cerebral palsy sufferer in his forties, has been using the service for the past 3 years. He experienced irritability prior to being able to find sexual relief, and is grateful for the service:

“Disabled men have the same urges as other men. I think you should still try to find a girlfriend, but when that is not possible a nursing service like this really helps. I hope society becomes more understanding of the sexual needs of the disabled.”

The actual service offered borders on the grotesque – the nurse wears latex gloves and the patient must wear a condom, and is not allowed to touch the nurse nor engage her in any sexual conversation.

No choice is offered as to which nurse provides the service, some of whom are apparently on the mature side.


For this the patient must pay ¥3500 for 15 minutes, ¥5500 for 30 minutes and over ¥10,000 for an hour, rates which are comparable to a normal delivery health service.

Apparently the service complies with Japan’s idiosyncratic prostitution regulations – which of course poses the question of why anyone would use it and not a normal delivery health service, which cost the same whilst offering the customer a full range of girls and intimate activities.

Many are sceptical about the service, particularly with respect to its high cost, impersonal service and rather inexplicable charity status:

“Pretty expensive.”

“What are the women doing?”

“The parents should do it for them.”

“They’re doing better than I am.”

“If you’re making them wear condoms at least fellate them.”

“If you’re just going to mechanically stimulate them with no eroticism you’d be better off using a machine.”

“Using a rubber and rubber gloves? It’s like they’re handling garbage…”

“They might as well just an old guy out to do it.”

“Condom + rubber gloves = 3500/15 min… that is pretty ridiculous pricing.”

“Why not just use an actual prostitute?”

“For 10,000 you can get a woman who’ll let you touch her as much as you want…”

“How do they even get hard like that? At least give them some porn.”

“How the hell is this considered an NPO?”

“Overseas they have similar services, but with proper sex.”

“The Ibaraki branch lists its staff as a man, a 50-year-old woman and a 37-year-old woman.”

“This is horrible, using a condom and rubber gloves as if they are just trash.”

Call for a delivery health girl. Don’t try and pretend this is nursing.”

“Their staff pay scale pays out more for each level, from lowest to highest: “Baby Hands,” “Adult hands,” “Master Hands,” “Phoenix Hands,” and finally “God Hands.” Who thought this stuff up, and what exactly is in the exam they mention as a prerequisite for level 5?”

“Unfortunately they don’t let healthy people use their services – I checked.”

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