Top 10 Yuri Anime


Fans of female on female romance supply a ranking of the best yuri (or “girls love”) anime, a ranking which proves to be surprisingly heavy on plot and light on service.

The ranking:

1. Puella Magi Madoka Magica

2. Kannazuki no Miko

3. Mai-Hime

4. Maria-sama ga Miteru

5. Mai-Otome

6. Strike Witches

7. Strike Witches 2

8. Shoujo Kakumei Utena

9. Maria Holic

10. K-ON!

A-Channel, Strawberry Panic and Saki also narrowly miss entry into the ranking.


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    Sabagebu Relentless Airsoft Comedy
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    Hanayamata Excessively Moist
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    Hanayamata Excessively Moist
  • What do you have to gain by posting this? You've been posting this exact comment on every Sankaku Complex topic for a long time now.... More
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    Kitsunemimi Miko Houki Figure
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    Kitsunemimi Miko Houki Figure
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    Sabagebu Relentless Airsoft Comedy
  • This is going to end in a tragedy like that chinese woman who ate KFC chicken leg... More