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Ero-Mag Sells with Pre-Scented Shimapan – “Have a Whiff!”


An eroge rag’s decision to bundle a free pair of “scented” pantsu with every copy has lately been causing waves, with reactions ranging from cheers of enthusiasm to the suggestion that its buyers should all be arrested.

The fact that some stores have been encouraging potential customers to take a sniff before they buy has aroused even more comment…

The rag in question is the June issue of PC Angel neo, which in a marketing collaboration is offering three sets of (artificially, it would be hoped) pre-scented shimapan – “Fresh,” “Floral” and “Passion” – one randomly selected pair being enclosed with each issue.


One Akihabara shop has been displaying all 3 sets whilst inviting potential buyers to sample them – apparently some have been doing so.

According to one buyer, “in the part of the pantsu in contact with a woman’s delicate parts, there’s a bit which has a fragrance mixed in.”

The online reaction is mixed:

“This is messed up!”



“I think it would be best just to arrest the buyers now…”

“Put a stain on it and I’ll buy it! Otherwise, no thanks.”

“What sort of smell?”

“Don’t you just think Japan should be destroyed?”

“What kind of freak gets excited about unused pantsu? Unused pantsu are just scraps of cloth.”

“They have that sharp smell then?”

“The stain is more important than the odour.”

“Be sure to record the buyers in a police database…”

“Photograph them all, it’ll come in handy later.”

“This is why we end up with bans…”

“Scented they say. The scent of a woman or of washing powder?”

“Now otaku and hikikomori are just being made light of.”

“Even a creepy otaku like me recoils at this.”

“This should be banned – go Ishihara!”

“They probably buy them to wear.”

“If you think about some middle aged guy at a factory spraying these with scent and then shrink-wrapping them you have to laugh.”

“Don’t say that!”

“You’re saying they aren’t made by having some schoolgirl wear them!?”

“I’d rather have sukumizu. Do it.”

“Only 2D shimapan do it for me.”

“If you are so iron-hearted as to be able to take this to the register, you’re already ready to confess to a girl.”

“No girl would wear something like this.”

“Anyone who buys this in a normal shop has my respect.”

“An ona-hole might be acceptable, but anyone who onanises whilst sniffing pantsu is already finished I think.”

“Won’t all the buyers be 2D fans? Who wants this?”

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