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I agree with what you’ve just said. So sad but true. I guess we can only be a little glad that the anime came up with an altered RoMio and Juritsu arc where we at least get to see some of the classmates getting SOME lines, screentime and in fact being useful (blowing kiss to Shizuka-chan).

I do like Jun so I have nothing against her becoming a regular supporting character and getting her own Character Song Album.. though it makes me wonder why on earth Fumie didn’t get the same treatment, despite she’s the longest lasting mob character since season 1.

Those cat ears are shopped btw.

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  • Mugi vs Mire: “Mugi is Finished!” “Sayonara Mugi-tards!”:
    I… I want to believe that’s Himeko dying her hair blonde, sneaking inside and disguising herself as a third year student. But then again, Himeko’s sex hair is one of the strong point why she’s one of the top popular mob characters so I wouldn’t like it if that’s her new hair.

  • Mugi vs Mire: “Mugi is Finished!” “Sayonara Mugi-tards!”:
    No way! No flipping hell! No way in flipping hell can she be superior than my Mugi-sama! Anyway, copying my comment in Sankaku Channel; Why, Kakifly? We have so much chance of seeing Ichigo repeating her year as an excuse or a new meganekko character to be the fourth member yet you just used the same palette from Mugi and Mio. It’s not just lacking of new stuff, it’s also making both Mio and Mugi in the University part ended up being less special.

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