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A bit is an understatement.

I donno, man. She just look too much like a Mugi without the large eyebrows. Also, why must there be 2 foreigners with the same gold hair and the same unnatural ability to do anything?

I guess I can skip the Pinoys since they obviously view most of them as little more than gorillas, but what about those dark-haired Brazillian chicks? Hell, the brunettes? I had business appointments with a few gorgeous jet-black-haired French. Let’s not forget the blacks too.

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  • Nintendo Switch Portability “Barely Used”:
    When developers would start making pc games again, sure.

  • Nintendo Switch Portability “Barely Used”:
    why would you buy a normal console? What can your normal console do that a pc can’t? Outside of a handful of games, there is no reason to ever buy a console. At least the switch you can play it anywhere you want. It gives you 1 thing pcs don’t really give you.

  • Nintendo Switch Portability “Barely Used”:
    Oversized hands?

  • Top 5 Tearjerker Games:
    Sakura Spirit nowhere to be seen.

  • Nintendo Switch Portability “Barely Used”:
    Handheld is pretty good. If you are going on about underpowered consoles, all consoles are absolute trash when compared to computers. However the Nintendo Switch at least offers portability where as the consoles offer nothing that pcs don’t already. PCs have more power, more games, more accessories, more customization, more of everything. However none really offer a portable option of the same quality. While laptops are portable they are pretty bulky. Where as ps4/xbox offer nothing that pcs do …


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