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yep no boobs and gore in germany, Thats why austria is better.

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  • Catherine Too Sexy For Americans!:
    Who is the problem lol…for “These things” exist: Porn for see real girls, and hentai, for see 2d girls…nubs. I dont know for what reason the tards protest to that…

  • Catherine Too Sexy For Americans!:
    forgot Germany: boobs NO gore NO

  • Catherine Too Sexy For Americans!:
    too sexy??lol The U.S. has the world’s largest porn industry.Americans idiot hypocrite.

  • Catherine Too Sexy For Americans!:
    There are so many whiny bitches on this site who can’t read. The altered cover is for a VERY SMALL percentage of the market, and the majority of the US will be getting the original cover. I’m amazed at how many dumbfucks here can’t read a short paragraph properly.

  • Catherine Too Sexy For Americans!:
    Don’t you people even bother to read the article before bitching? They changed the cover so they can sell the game in more family friendly stores, or stores that have toys and games for younger players. Changing the cover slightly lets them distribute the game further.

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