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True the wrappers on them new lingerie are more awkward then anything else. Little boys could fap to those

But of Pete’s sake why would they have the covers have to be edited? Their own movie CD covers usually have more suggestive(some don’t even suggest anything) then this cover could ever be.

Can’t believe the No.1 porn producers of our Solar System are that afraid of the Japanese H market

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    Shitty animation aside I’d watch it if they only continued the plot as a regular story, I mean if one can endure hours of Umineko and Higurashi game-play for story, than this is nothing.

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    First of all I lol’d at half of these the rest fapped to Second as a fan of almost anything from action yuri to loli from guro to shoujo/shonen ai I have to draw the line at some of these pieces as great as they are they, I dislike any artwork that involves real live people…sure I enjoy super Obama fanart like the anyone else but that’s somewhat fine because we know that it will take a lot more to shake Obama’s existence…but for this lady(GOD!!! she looks so young/hot) imagine the impact on …

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    F**k not even a single pic of a game or list?

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    I admit the detail of this pic is amazing(for meh) still though, self explanatory of why I don’t want Hollywood near mah anime anything


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