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Hardly a big deal considering the original covers are still intact at most retailers. Seems like much ado about nothing.

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  • Pokemassacre Averted:
    “having threatened to take competition at Pokemon event to a whole new level. ” How utterly tasteless. Fuck you Sankaku. Terrorist events like this are not something to joke about.

  • Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata Dies:
    Rest in peace Iwata. You weren’t just a good man. You were a great, fantastic, and just plain awesome human being. I’m still in shock from hearing this news. My sincerest condolences to not only his family, but to the gaming community the world over. You will never ever be forgotten.

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake Officially Confirmed:
    This was just bananas when it was announced last night. While far from my favorite game in the series, it’s hard not to get excited about this, because FF7 is probably the game in the series that is in most need of a remake. It’s aged absolutely terribly over the years.

  • Koji Igarashi Showcases Bloodstained Update:
    I couldn’t disagree more about your comment about the classic series being poorly designed and masochistic. They were some of the most masterfully designed games, not only of their era, but really of all time. Where every single platform, every single enemy, was meticulously placed to be challenging but fair to the player. They were games that were built around intentional character limitations.

  • Koji Igarashi Showcases Bloodstained Update:
    He had no involvement in Castlevanias 1–3, or Super Castlevania 4 and Bloodlines. Every one of those games, except for Castlevania 2 are some of the most beloved games in the franchise. 3 and 4 in particular are legendary games that are arguably better than every game Iga worked on. Not saying that I don’t love Iga’s games mind you. I love most of the games he worked on. Just clearing up the obvious error in the new article.


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