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“What’s the Worst Tragedy to Befall the Gaming Industry?”


Japanese gamers discussing what they consider to be the worst tragedy to have befallen the gaming industry agree on an number of unfortunate events it seems.

The exchange:

“The gaming industry has been around for decades now.

What’s the worst thing to happen to it in that time?

Excluding death, accidents and so on.”

“Sega’s withdrawal from the hardware business.”

“That Final Fantasy XIII was crap.”

“The demise of the Dreamcast.”

“The merger of Square and Enix.”

“Sega and NEC’s withdrawal from hardware.”

“The loss of free company networks for gaming.”

“There’s only really the Atari Shock, surely?”


“That the DS and Wii became popular…”

“When Sony entered the gaming business.”

“When Sony killed Sega and then Sega started meekly making games for Sony game consoles like nothing had happened.”

“When the PS3 flopped – everything started going wrong for Sony then.”


“When they got full of themselves and started releasing trash like the 3DS.”

“Obviously the moment the Wii became a big hit.”

“When Square Enix decided to betray the PlayStation; the price of the PS3 at launch.”

“The Virtual Boy.”

“When development costs suddenly increased and game releases slowed.”

“When this barren console war started.”

“The PlayStation Network is currently building its own tragedy…”

Strangely, “the advent of DLC” seems to have escaped any opprobrium.

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  • I agree with all of those except PS3 and DS.

    PS3 is a fine console, and the DS is fun. But fuck the 3DS, and the PS Vita for that matter. I’m gonna end up buy both aren’t I?

    I miss the Dreamcast.

  • squaresoft back then was an RPG monster. spitting forth titles like a dragon. some RPGs released by square back then was well received (here in our place). but because of this “merger” lots of squaresofts’ titles were obscured into forgotten realms by enix’s other popular titles. squaresoft games like: “vagrant story” were completely forgotten. while “unlimited saga” and “mushashi samurai legends” which were supposed to be PS2 versions of “saga frontier” and “brave fencer musashi” were a total let-down.


  • How stupid, the greatest tragedy that befall gaming is the rise CASUAL GAMERS! which is the current generation. And the bombardment of shitty and terribly generic FPS like Call of Duty, Battlefield, Medal of Honor and other crap.

  • I wish SEGA could jump back into the game but it’s too late to get into the console wars now. Soon Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony will be mainstay competitors in the console business forever locked in battle, equivalent to companies like McDonalds & Disney…. Immortal.

  • “Strangely, “the advent of DLC” seems to have escaped any opprobrium.”

    Well, think about it. Years ago, expansion packs were created to…well, expand the content of games, usually by adding new levels/areas, equipment, and so on. Basically, DLC nowdays is essentially what expansion packs are, only you’re downloading the content you purchased rather than buying it in a box. You’d have to change it to include the old expansion packs too, not just DLC. Neither are necessarily bad things, but you can have bad ones just like you can have bad games.

    • The reality is that that sequel was in production long before 13 was even released. The game DID sell well, though. Poorly for an FF, but it would have still turned quite a profit if not for the fact that they still only managed to sell about half the copies they made. Because Wada’s an idiot, and never learns from his mistakes…

    • agreed, download-only games has probably killed the PSP’s portable rep anywhere else but Japan and Finland adn whatever other handful of countries have 100% interconnectivity and broadband on the go. Most of the rest of the world is still stuck on tangible releases. And we kind of prefer it that way so we don’t have to fly through hoops to prove we owned the game prior to a crash/handheld hardware failure.

  • Yah it was when Intellivision and the Atari 2600 got put out by other ‘newer but not better’ versions of game machines which never caught up till the 1992 ibm dx2 50mhz computer with the 1st hdd for regular people.

  • Worst Tragedy? Sony apparently forgot that anything you spend hours with needs to be economical as well as functional. When the fuck are they going to swap my left thumb-stick and D-pad for god’s sake? And when will R3 feel proper when you click it in? -_-

  • The worst tragedy is when gaming went mainstream.

    It costs a fortune to make a game now, and if your game fails, you go belly up. Thanks to that, everyone’s afraid to experiment and we get floods of sequels, copycats and other well-known IP crap. It wasn’t like that before.

  • Agreed with #1
    Sega was in serious trouble though, worst marketing strategy ever, those responsible for this should be beaten with mega drives and Dreamcasts in the face to the death.
    Mega Drive and Dreamcast are the rearest drops today.

  • DS and WII: they are ruled by shovelcrapwares and casual games

    PS3: with PS3 rising it will be only PS3 vs Steam, nothing else…

    3DS: Harsh copy protection, expensive, and unfriendly user support

    FFXIII: Its sucks and you suck for trying to like it!

    COD: Becoming more and more stale as the series go on and activision keep pushing out sequels.

    Steam: Friendly user support

    DNF: After 12 fucking years, it should be.

    BF3: No more imaginary fighting Russians, lets fight Arabs, the true enemy in real life too.

    • The 3DS’s screen is also shit. It’s as bad as the first generation Gameboy Advance.

      There have been better portable lenticular 3D screens on the market for months, with games, even. There’s an Android smartphone with just such a screen available in Japan (the Lynx).

  • I’d have to agree with the RROD and Sega leaving consoles. The whole ET thing was just bad timing in a new industry. Console gaming wasn’t as matured at that time as it is now. RRoD shouldn’t happen today and it did. I’m not saying consoles should be perfect, but come on, the amount of failures on those machines was disproportionately high. I lost 1 PS2 since they rolled out and still have my second one and play it. I’m on my second 360.

  • Personally, I feel that DLC is fine IF the game in question that is having DLC doesn’t feel like it is half-baked or half-finished. Dragon age 2 is an example of that thing I am referring to in the latter part of the comment.

  • Hmm… imo, these are the factors which also affect games…

    too much online dependency
    too much focus achievement based goals
    too much focus on graphics and lesser to fun factor
    developers are running out of ideas
    consoles and game prices increase exponentially
    quality of games decrease exponentially

    I could prolly say more but am too lazy now…

  • 1. Time-wasting gameplay. Years ago: every screen had at least one enemy or challenge. Now: you can spend minutes running around empty areas, looking at scenery, before you come across something to do.

    2. Achievements/Trophies. Years ago: you played because it was fun. Now: you play to boost about your Achievements. Some people buy and play games just to add to their Gamer Score.

    3. Fake maturity. Years ago: most games were made for 8-12 year old boys. Now: most games have “blood” and “violence”, but the kind of “blood” and “violence” that many adults consider cheesy and laughable, so they are still as immature as always even if they are rated for adults.

  • I know people will disagree, but improving graphics has been the slow death of video games, especially RPGs.

    Remember in the 90’s when RPGs had great storylines, great characters, great environments, etc? Just try and imagine making a great 90’s RPG completely into Hi-res 3D, and you will realize that it will take years longer and billions of dollars more.

  • Hmm i would have to say MMORPG’s because i use to play all kinds of games and buy like every new one that came out.. but once i started to play massive multi player RPG’s i kinda stop playing other games had no interest enless they were online grouping and running stuff like raids’battlegrounds’dungeons’pvp a nice mix thats enjoyable with people all around the world =)

  • The lack of innovation. That’s all there is too it. While Tabletop Games continue to innovate. Video games still stick to things like Hit Points, Levels, Magic Points and Classes–four things that tabletop RPGs have been calling old-hat since the mid-90s. Sure: Dungeons and Dragons still uses classes but, being the first game that did, its allowed too. World of Darkness, BESM, Shadowrun, L5R, and tons of indie-developed tabletop RPGs have found tons of new ways to represent gaining power in a game that the game industry is too lazy to even imitate.

    Video Games are special because all that annoying math required in tabletop gaming can be hidden from the user. That being said: why this is only saved for relationship points and diplomacy-based systems is beyond me. I guess people like knowing that they can only take 120 stabs-to-the-foot (see:120 hit points) before the die.

    And whenever an innovative game is released it gets bashed for its graphics or content being too “safe”: Pokemon and Minecraft come to mind. And before anyone begins bashing pokemon for being repetitive; yes, the core 5 games work under the same system. But that system is unique–aside from the capturing party members, the stat-exp/EV/IV system is something the RPG world needed years ago.

  • the worst tragety of the gameing is easily one thing.

    japans unwillingness to adapt new things.

    take a jrpg for example. a 20 year old one, and a new one. graphics aside, same as today right?

    this is sad because look at when they do break molds, demon souls, they become possibly the best games of the year.

    most revently was dead riseing 2… it plays, the same as 1, which is bad, it still has no real voice acting.

    i mean everything that we bitched about that was missing in 1, is also missing in 2. that shit isnt expectable.

    • ^ Spoken like someone who started playing western games within the last decade.

      Look at Skyrim. Aside from the graphics, its basically Oblivion, which is a graphically updated Morrowind – a graphically updated Daggerfall.

      Witcher is basically NWN, which is a 3D version of Baldur’s Gate.

      Demon Souls is just a really difficult action RPG that was released in a time when every other game being released is piss easy.

      There isn’t a single game released today that isn’t a tweaked version of an older game.

      And y’know what? As long as I’m having fun, I don’t give a damn whether a game is innovative or not. And thats all that really matters.

  • I’m going to say the failure of the arcade industry to properly use their main advantages, and instead trying to milk all the quarters they could out of the fewer and fewer people who saw more value in buying games they don’t have to pay each time for.

    when it came to almost EVERY type of game, play times became shorter, and price per play went higher.

    The few places you find arcade games seem to not have learned this mistake. Nintendo is asking Five dollars for games that at one time would have run you about $50. The one arcade game worth a crap where I live (a Ms. Pac-man rigged to have multiple games) Charges TWO quarters a play.

  • I’d say the advent of the “AAA game bullshit” which is typically meaningless about quality and more about how much money developers throw into making games while favoring production values over gameplay. And the moron “hardcore” gamers who accept that crap like the good little sheep they are.

    • Yup. Game design by marketing committee. No need for good original ideas or actual gameplay challenges. They’re far too vague to be printed on the back of the case. Just play it safe with tons of cutscenes, multiplayer, collecting random bits of shit, women in skin-tight outfits and lots of violence. Then repeat by sticking an incremental number on the end of the title.

  • There’s something going on right now that will probably go down in history as a low point in gaming when it’s viewed in past tense.

    The time Sony got so arrogant that they tried to hunt down a hacker and pissed people off to the point that they had their servers shut down by other anonymous hackers. All of this the week that Mortal Kombat was released after bragging about the PS3 version having exclusive content.

  • mmmmm the worst thing in video games ever…
    EA going stupid
    Square prostitution to Xbox
    USA marine/rangers vs alien roaches-like games
    the PC games antipiracy internet only check
    Microsoft’s propagandal lies on its products
    Sony beliving MC lies
    the loss of open “mature” content in games like in the 90’s (xenogears sex scenes, sexual themes or openly hentai titles)

    • EA has always been stupid, it’s just that once they started making bank on sports games more than the entire rest of their lines they started treating their programmers like crap and making ridiculous demands because they didn’t care about alternative IPs. Why invest 3 million to make 7 million when your sports line already makes 60-80 million with an investment of 500k or less due to rehashes? The most money that went into the sports games until the 3D era was for licensing fees. Yes they were good, but most of the work after the first was into updating rosters and having authentic pictures of players. If you can find some interviews with Mike Posehn in old mags (I think one of the Sega websites interviewed him too) you’ll get a first-hand look at the pure HELL that was working for EA in the mid-90’s, and it has only ever gotten worse.
      The only thing one can thank EA for, really, are the short-lived Mutant Leagues, the Strike series, and their improved PC game ports to the genesis.

    • Oh My God my brother has been touting that he can finally cross his eyes for the 1st time in his 20 years of life and he just got a Virtual Boy and has been playing it like crazy…….When I tell him of this his mind will be blown (ive been able to cross my eyes at will ever since those 3D art pictures were popular in the 90s)

  • me..

    the pathetic library game of ps3 and PSP

    graphic performance of 3DS.. i was hoping more..

    lack of Japanese game (like JRPG) on PC platform

    existence of Japanese language game/visual novel that not been translated into English

  • The guys who response that question are not gamers, they hate everything new since 2000, but i think the drop in productions of computers games and the DirectX, actually computers are more powerfull than consoles and has no new good games

  • Let’s see, for me:
    -Sega getting out of the hardware business, since I was a big sega fanboy in the 90s. Then again, considering their business practices since then, maybe this isn’t a bad thing.
    -The advent of the 360 and it’s paid-for multiplayer when the standard is for free multiplayer. Similarly, DLC (especially day one DLC which means I’m definitely not getting the full game I paid 60+ dollars for because there was more on the disc) has annoyed the crap out of me, since it means there’s less focus on making a solid coherent game and more on leaving it open for DLC. I love BioWare but they’re about the worst offenders on this, and their DLC is rarely up to the quality of the main game. FFXIII had problems but at least it was a complete game.
    -Square merging with Enix. I can’t think of any good IPs that have been introduced since the merger offhand, it’s been remakes sequels and spinoffs galore, very few of which approach the quality of the Squaresoft days.

  • When SNK became SNK pachisl..i mean Playmore. Still waiting for my GMOTW2, metal slug HD with new sprites, Samurai showdown hd with sprites prettier than the arc system work’s games… +1 about all the complaint about Sega.

  • 1) The number one Tragedy is simply known as “DLC”

    2) “The merger of Square and Enix.”
    2) “That the DS and Wii became popular…”
    2) “Obviously the moment the Wii became a big hit.”

    These three come in at a close second place.

  • These comments very obviously come from two different groups – the under-25s and the over-30s.

    The under-25s whine how Nintendo is beating Sony like a red-headed stepchild in portables (always) and home consoles (this time). BUT RIGHTLY SO. Nintendo reminded all gamers that having the greatest, most powerful hardware does not guarantee good, playable games OR sales. This is the EFFECT we see now in the market – that Nintendo is making this correction.

    The over-30 gamers pick the root CAUSE of this situation – that Sony killed Sega. By driving Sega out of the hardware market with hype and marketing bullshit – ie: promoting their products TWO YEARS before release. And gamers like these whiny kids bought into that hype by NOT buying or supporting Sega’s products.. thereby causing our current state of affairs.

    -a sad, sad Megadrive, Saturn and DC owner 🙁

  • Must say it’s the DLC…
    “Let’s make the greatest game ever…. a week later… too much work lets just release it now and take 1/4 of the price of the game for DLC and expand the story from there”

    5 DLC later…

    “We are rich and gamers are stupid, we love them!”

  • 1) Sega’s death as a hardware company (and with that, the death of the dreamcast)

    2) When systems like the Wii and the 3DS became such big hits, and things like good games were tossed wayside in favor of silly motion sensor / 3D gimmicks.

    3) the death of the *good* JRPG (though come to think of it, the years of the JRPG were pretty much 95-00, maybe 01 and 02)

    4) DRM

    5) excessive DLC.

    • 1) agreed.

      2) lolno. Let’s not advocate stagnation, hmm? At least the Wii and 3DS are building on interesting ideas. The likes of Trauma Team (which I severely doubt you’ve even heard of seeing as how you played that incredibly stupid and trite “gimmick” card (by the way, gimmick=/=bad, just sayin’). PS3 360? MOAR POWAAAAAAAAH, which in turn leads to ridiculous development costs, which in turn makes in harder to turn a profit.

      Don’t kid yourself for even a second, the Wii and the DS are the ones sustaining the industry (mostly). Shovelware sustains the industry, has been for a long while now, actually, before the Wii and DS were released.

      3) Xenoblade, The Last Story, Radiant Historia, Suikoden Tierkreis, The World Ends With You, Nights in the Nightmare, Soma Bringer, Resonance of Fate, the upcoming Earth Seeker and Pandora’s Tower etc. Derp.

      4) agreed

      5) agreed

  • wish it’ll go back to the days when i was still playing pixelated street fighter golden axa and sonic those were the days retro beats shit nowadays lol can master chief run at the speed of sound? no but sonic can

    • No offense, but I’d take Mass Effect or really any Elder Scrolls games over those games you mentioned. I played my fair share of Sonic when I was a wee lad, but they cant beat the amazing shit that I’ve played since then.

  • FFVII – I love this game, but it was the spark that pushed the emphasis on graphics over gameplay. Other companies think it took off because of the great graphics (for the age), ignoring the game mechanics, plot, characters, etc.

  • I’m happy that Square and Enix merged, and while FFXIII wasn’t their best, it certainly wasn’t crap. Square Enix has released a lot of great games that people seem to want to ignore.

    But I DO agree that Square making games for systems other than the Playstation was a ridiculous betrayal. It was also pointless for gamers who are into Square Enix games. For example, they’ll release the original games on the Playstation systems, then release sequels to other systems. For people who don’t like the other systems or who can’t afford to buy them, they’ll miss out on some of the sequels. And the people who would really enjoy those sequels are the ones who don’t get to play them… while people who only play for curiosity get sequels they didn’t play the originals for.

    Also, games like FFXIII could have seriously boosted the PS3, but they also gave it to another system. Sure FFvsXIII is only for the PS3, but who knows when that will be out.

      • @ 8:56
        You missed the point completely. Earlier games didn’t have so many follow up games, if any. That’s what I see as the major downfall here.

        One of Squares most popular game series is spread across at least four systems, which makes no sense. If it started on the Playstation, the follow ups shouldn’t be bouncing back and forth between other systems.

        It would be nice to have every system, but some of us aren’t that rich.

        • If you mean Final Fantasy, I count it being on four systems (NES, SNES, Gameboy, MSX) before they even got to the great ‘betrayal’ of releasing Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation and not the N64 as expected.

          Yeah, it would be nice to have every system. Deal with it.

  • Hands down, the Atari ET/Pacman console crash.

    ET is wholly blamed for it, and look up on YouTube for why, but the horrible Pac Man game is also part of it.

    Most Atari 2600 games were really dang fun, though of course in this modern world you’d go “People paid US$60 in 80s currency for THAT!?” The limiting factor to development was it was sh-t hard to program for, there’s a neat book (and a promotional WIRED article) about that subject, “Racing the Beam”. At the same time it came out, there were lots of other more powerful alternatives, such as the “Intellivision” and of course the home computers such as Commodore, Apple, etc. that could play much more graphical and detailed games.

    But, Atari 2600 dominated the market and for far longer than any other console. It was compact, relatively cheap, and dominating the market had tons of games.

    Eventually, there was a pure GLUT of games made for it. Enough interest in the console and potential money got past that technical hurdle and of course tons of “Homebrew” willing to struggle with EEPROM programming/Machine language. The programmer for “Pac Man” got a $1 million dollar BONUS check, btw. Furthermore, the thing was technically obsolete when it was released, even beyond the point of that being an obvious statement. So, 15 years later, when you had current hit arcade games like “Double Dragon” and there was a demand for a home console version…well, it’d SUCK but it’d still SELL, but it’d SUCK and they’d call you a sh-thead for making the thing. And it’d share shelf space with tons of other games, not licensed by some big company so they could make what they thought would be a fun game WITHIN the limitations of the console and there was a bunch of people trying to be the next hotshot programmer and what they release is “Mommy! I maded my first video game!” but still selling for $60 in a glossy package resembling the other professionally produced stuff.

    Like many other “Boom to Bust” investments, it was inflated by more and more optimism and then burst overnight.

    E.T. is blamed. However, to be fair, it should be the manual or lack of it. Most kids who got the cartridge (and most adults) tossed the tiny sliver of instructions away which I believe just had barely hints of what to do and just started playing. However, in E.T. you have to know what you are doing, like another potentially awesome (and incredible considering the thing’s limitations) game Raiders of the Lost Ark. So, they just ran around falling in pits till they got bored. And the parents realized they paid $60 for that piece of sh-t. There was worse, like playing Indiana Jones but not just with no instruction manual but with ONE joystick… Stores that had a return policy regretted it. There was also Pac Man, a worse adaptation and hamstrung by technical limitations, but kids that got it still played and played it…

    Today’s world, they’d just Google for “Solutions” to the ET game and know how to play it. There’d be overnight some “Fan” putting up a “Detailed How-To” guide that even if the company told him to take it down would be all over. But no easy and publicly accessible internet back then, and college kids were in their own world with mainframe stuff. So, there was this sliver of instructions that if you were really sharp you could figure out what you were doing, but most tossed it or it was left in the box and just started playing.

    So, the bubble burst (It would have anyways) and brought down a lot of other systems that didn’t deserve it, like Intellivision that was actually going to morph into a computer/internet machine.

    And it was a true “Game Changer”.

    Though it was the big companies making nightmarish flops from pushing new stuff on an obsolete but entrenched system that burst the bubble, they blamed the “Third Party” and “Homebrew” market for inflating it too much. Using that, Nintendo was able to get away with it’s “Chip” racket of making it so a console could be “Locked” so you’d need approval of the company (use of a copyrighted chip, later just computer code) to make anything that would work on their system. That allowed them to both get away with a “Monopoly” and limit the number of games to prevent a glut. Really, Nintendo used that to win in court and still uses that.

    There have been, of course, tons of other disasters in the gaming industry. The Robot…what…? The “Virtual Boy” – aka “My eyes, they BLEEEED!” and on and on. But no disaster before or possibly since has ever so effected the entire industry.

    Make a sh-t game/system and it’s a disaster someone gets fired/loses their shirt over? Happens all the time, even to the best stuff that isn’t sh-t. (Dreamcast) Make a sh-t game that crashes an industry and changes the face of the new industry when the pieces are picked up? Not so often.

    • IIRC, I believe the Pac-Man disaster actually cost them more money than E.T. (not very smart of them to produce 12 million Pac-Man cartridges at a time when only 10 million 2600s had been sold). Though E.T. will always be more infamous…

      Wow, despite the length of your post, you still left out quite a few details about the crash. God, what a gigantic nightmare this was for Atari!

      Much of the glut of 2600 games came about due to EVERYONE trying to make a quick buck off it. I’ve got some 2600 games made by Sears and Quaker Oats, lol.

      This is because when filing for the copyright of the 2600, Atari never thought to file for exclusive rights to make GAMES for the system. Which is probably why Nintendo became so anal about this (a wise policy at the time, though of course being Nintendo they held onto it long after it was hurting them instead of helping).

      I think Atari did wise up and do this when they made the 5200…unfortunately they forgot to make sure the damn system actually worked. And so their best shot at dealing with this problem tanked. So they hammered another nail in their own coffin.

      In fact, the initial “glut” of games came about due to programmers leaving Atari to form their own companies (like Activision, maker of most of the best 2600 games). They were sick of getting paid a pittance for developing games that made the company millions (the coder who ported Space Invaders only got paid $10,000-for the game that basically MADE Atari a big business). This is what opened the gates for all the quick-buck games, so Atari had no one but themselves (especially Ray Cassar) to blame for that.

      The flooding of the market really was a major factor in the crash though. When all these “quick buck” companies started going under, the prices on their games dropped considerably. The serious game development companies had trouble competing with that, so most of THEM started going under too. Soon all 2600 games wound up in a big heap in the bargain bin, with no way for most customers to sort the good from the bad (there wasn’t really any sort of gaming press to speak of at the time, and most customers were still just parents buying blindly for their kids).

      Of course, all of Atari’s stupid decisions that pissed away all their money were what prevented THEM from being able to recover from all this. But, like you said, they weren’t about to own up to that…

      “The Robot…what…?”

      You mean ROB for the NES? He wasn’t a disaster at all…

      • Still didn’t cover it all?
        Dood, literally BOOKS have been written about this subject. But it’s one near and dear to my heart.

        Here’s a little “Joke” I made expressing it:

        You pointed out a good perspective. Flight/recruiting (Got “Corporate Headhunter” in the groupthink) of programmers. And, also, it was another “Boom/Bust” we’ve had so frequently. Comic books. Cards/Spogz. Housing. Commodoties…

        And, later, the companies DID pay their programmers due to this. Like as I said Pac-Man for $1 million…

        Pac-Man was, at least playable. Even if you thought it sucked herpetic priest dick, it still could be played until it got too fast/you were at 3 am too tired to keep alive. But E.T. unless you knew what you were doing, just became repetitive wandering until you got bored with the Pit falls, the one-time Elliot 1/4 health resurrection and starting again. There were more complex games, like the “SwordQuest” series that actually survived the crash, but they had the sense of making the “Hard” part of the fun also.

        The Robot…
        I wanted one. But changed my mind when I found out it made even the Radio Shack Armitron look like that Japanese “Walking” humanoid robot.

        They made…TWO…Robot titles…right?

        Now, most people who disagree with me attack my sanity/intelligence, etc. I’ll just say I disagree and think it’s a sh-t disaster. But, I could be wrong… Is “Gyromite” good? To me, it looked like a 3rd rate “Droll”.

        Atari’s computers later were awesome. I had (have somewhere I think) one of them. But they had 4 models competing with each other along with upgrades to their console system. It was awesome and without the crash would have worked, but oh, well…

        • I never really got into Pac-Man…probably due to the 2600 game being my first one. It WAS playable, but really frustrating due to the controls. Turning was quite a chore, really…

          Hmm, the matter of ROB kind of depends on how you define disaster. Sure, he was an unsuccessful piece of hardware…but it’s not like they were really trying with him anyway.

          The ONLY reason ROB was ever created was to get the NES reclassified from “video game console” to “toy”. Nintendo couldn’t get anyone in NA to stock the NES, because the video game market there had just crashed, HARD, not two years previously. So no one wanted to waste valuable shelf space on something they were sure wouldn’t sell.

          NOA’s answer was to create ROB, and start pitching the NES as just an integral part of the robot toy. It worked, and let the NES get it’s foot in the door. Incidentally, many department stores actually sold the NES in the toy section originally, instead of electronics, as a result of this.

          So ROB was both a failure and yet accomplished exactly what he was meant to at the same time.

  • I think the console wars started when Nintendo dumped Sony, who was producing the optical drive for the N64. Nintendo should have kept their partnership with Sony. Then we’d still have all the good J-games on one platform. And you’d only need a 360 to play shooters with frat boys.

  • The acceptance of DLC.
    You used to get a game, plus whatever bonuses they could fit in, for the cost of a game. It’s kind of owed at such a high price… So let’s call that 120% of the game being delivered – be it sound tests, concept art, loads of spare costumes, etc.

    Now, you’re more likely to get 80-90% of a game for 100% of the price, and if you want to shell out several bucks several times for a bunch of microtransactions, you might get 100% of the game, but no more than that. People even have to pay for alternate costumes these days – that’s fucked up! Look at DoA1 or 2 – you could literally unlock dozens of costumes in the original game; some characters over a dozen each. Now look at SFIV – you can buy a 2nd set of costumes, separately, for each character.

    Look at Hyperdimension Neptunia… you can recruit characters who are on strike until you buy them for real cash. It’s shameful. We live in the age of horse armor, and nothing has hurt gaming that badly in the last decade.

    • As far as unlockables goes Virtua Fighter 5 is the best.

      Another interesting thing is that Metropolis Street Racer had real time representation of the time of day (which also accurately reflected the length of days throughout the year).
      That was on the Dreamcast in 2000. Eleven years later and this feature has not been implemented by any game since despite it being very cool indeed (especially for online play). Imagine how cool that could be for online play.

      Another thing is the failure of many games to sustain 60fps, and the lazy linear structure of first person shooters (haven’t they heard of Metroid Prime, which has non-linear exploration?).

  • When Wii got popular. It would be nice if mainstream douchebags would use their money to support my hobby, but the way things are now they’re just stealing devs to make inane jumping games.

    DLC on the other hand seems to be a way to make money that benefits almost everyone.

  • Lets see which is the worst.

    Sega exiting the console market.

    Flextronics getting cheap and moving Xbox manufacturing to China which is part of the root cause of RROD a common occurrence.

    Sony becoming a douche bag with the PS3 all over fear of a single hacker. “Which is a lie Sony’s media branch is truly scumtastic and was planning douche baggery the moment it was able to infect the electronics side.”

    Ubisoft and EA’s use of shitty DRM “that apparently is coded by monkeys locked in a basement” that makes your computer crash thus forcing you to become a pirate if you even want to enjoy the game you purchased.

    DLC also was largely a bad thing.

    I think over all DRM getting too restrictive and becoming like a rootkit is the worst disaster even worse then the video game market crash of 1985.
    Why do I say this it takes the fun out of gaming and forces otherwise honest people to become pirates.

  • 1. DLC ( especially paying for stuf thats already on the disc)
    2. Half finished rushed games that needs patches on day 1.
    3. Games that are (poorly) dubbed from Japanese games.
    4. Europe getting late or no releases from certain great games. (I know it much worse in Austrilia no bloody games)

    I want to play the game (from Japan) with the Japanese voices but I know that there is a small chance for that… thanks to a certain country that wants everything to be cool and manly.

  • “Final Fantasy XIII was crap”??

    They have to wait until XIII before thinking it was crap?

    I thought Final Fantasy Ended at VII and then changed into Final Crap VIII, IX, X, X-2, XXX and god knows what else…

    • FF8 was amazing for the first two discs, which people conveniently forget. FF9 was good, and was a throwback to previous games. FFX was amazing, had one of the best plots, and likeable characters (and I’m a sucker for music that integrates well with a game).

      Yeah, FFX-2 and FF12 sucked, but that’s about it. FF12’s main problem was that it was lacking a true climax and its second act was mediocre.

      • Sandalphon says:

        “…and FF12 sucked…”

        You make me a sad panda, I thoroughly enjoyed FFXII because the player wasn’t stuck in the role of an adult brat pretending the world revolves around what he does or doesn’t. Instead, protagonism was evenly shared among the 6 or so main characters.

        I can imagine your disappointment if you were expecting a romantic story a la FFX, but for my part I welcomed a story not driven by teeny love angst.

      • As well as most it’s third act. You can basically draw a line where Kawazu took over writing FF12. That’d be the moment all the actually interesting political intrigue abruptly ended when you’re informed that most the people involved were just suddenly executed off-screen all at once.

        That’s where the plot loses steam (and never really regains it) and becomes one looooooong series of pointless fetch quests. And also where this game’s “Ivalice” loses all resemblance to the original one from FF Tactics…

    • Console wars are pointless…And the fan boys are as equally foolish and idiotic like religious zealots…

      If you are a true video gamer, you would take advantage of every game unique to every system…

      Do not be swayed by others, be it reviews, fan-boy rants, or advertisements, and learn from your own video-gaming experience…

      No alliance, but to YOURSELF and to the videogames you want to play…

      If there’s one thing I learned from videogames, sucking up to a corporation will always end up badly for you…

      *points at the stories of the ARMORED CORE series*



      Back in the 90’s, all the secret characters, locations, weapons, events, and even bosses are already in the game and ready for you to get if you know what to do…


      Now you have to buy them in order to unlock them!?!

      DLC is pure evil, no matter what game system or console you own…You spend around $1.99-4.99 to unlock a playable character…

      *looks at Hyperdimension Neptunia*

      That is already in the game…

      DLC is nothing more than the companies trying to squeeze out every penny from you…

      DLC is only good for really long add-ons like the ones in GTA4 (the standalone stories were almost as long as the actual game) for example…

      Everything else is pure whoreage…

      The only reason I spent $5.00 to unlock “those” two characters from Hyperdimension Neptunia was because they were both DFC (and insanely powerful lolis to booth)…

      Yes…DLC some DFC…

      Now I would pay for that in a heart-beat…

      • >If you are a true video gamer, you would take advantage of every game unique to every system…

        Agreed. Winxxws sucks but I still love playing Touhou.

        >Console wars are pointless…

        But we wouldn’t have had Neptunia without them 😛

      • i dont mind console war but microsoft has just been making crappy system after system.had 2 360s and all of them the slim and it died after 1 ps2 from like 01 or 02 still works

        • Well, MY PS2 is starting to crap out on me. My THIRD PS2 to fry, in fact. Either I’ve got really terrible luck, or whoever manufactures PS2s in NA does a terrible job of it.

          But I’ve never had an XBOX fail on me…oh wait, that’s right, I’ve never had any reason to own one in the first place. Since I’m not big on FPSs and sports games, and they have precious little else to offer. Seriously, if you replaced the FPSs with platformers it’d be like the XBOXs are the second coming of the Sega Genesis.

          Anyway, the console wars are pretty much even right now. Not because the big three are all doing good, but because they’re all doing so BADLY…

        • Just like your PS2, my Xbox One didn’t fail the whole time I own it (Except the 400GB HDD I modded in, but that’s not Microsoft’s fault).

          Either I’m extremely lucky or all you guys who are complaining are just extremely unlucky. Neither my 360 nor my PS3 go bricked till now.

          Well it’s not like the PS3 doesn’t fail…

          It’s more like stuff is getting crappier generally. Srsly, products nowadays are designed to fail shortly after warranty voids, so you’ll have to buy new stuff.

      • I agree with almost everything you noted. However, I strongly disagree that being a “true gamer” means you shouldn’t be swayed by reviews and others. A “true gamer” should know when to listen to others. I don’t have every game on every system. I don’t want that. I want to just get the games that I will enjoy. A “true gamer” knows how to find these in the vast sea of bad games. That means taking advice from others – no gamer is all-knowing.

        A “true gamer” doesn’t get the new Mortal Kombat because he liked the previous ones. Nor does he/she get any new game in a series because the last one was good. He/She looks at each game separately. That type of loyalty is just as bad, if not worse, than console or company loyalty.

      • I agree to both your arguments, bro.

        Console Wars are pointless. Don’t do it unless you get paid by the respective companies to rant about other companies!

        “DLC some DFC” ヽ(´ー `)ノ

  • “That the DS and Wii became popular…”

    Absolutely helped LOWER the standard for games from gameplay, to graphics, to original ideas.

    Remember games that lasted 50+++ hours, had great gameplay, and great stories? Well keep on remembering them because a 4 hour long game with motion censor capability or another half hearted DS game is MUCH easier to produce and cash in on.

    • Uhh, many of my (and other people’s) favorite hardcore games that came out before the Wii are less than 7-8 hours long (i.e. pretty much all the non-rpg’s), some can be finished in 1-2 hours when speedrunning. These are the highest rated classic franchises such as Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Metroid, Mario… meanwhile the Wii has the 1000000+++++++++ hour long rpg’s that you so crave, as well as other types of games that people put incredibly long amounts of time in such as Monster Hunter, TvsC or SSBB. And the DS is THE platform for proper oldschool rpg’s, theres a million, anyone who knows anything knows that.

      tl;dr: You’re an idiot.

  • >PS3 flopped

    Huh, last I checked the PS3 is doing quite well..

    I agree with the Sega comments though, I probably wouldn’t be the person I am today without the hours I dumped into my Mega Drive and Dreamcast.

    Personally my top 3 current gaming concerns would be:

    1: This isn’t as blatantly obvious on the PC as it is on the consoles but it’s definately the community or lack thereof. It’s impossible to play a console game without running into a 12 year old American screaming profanities at every single person they see thinking they’re awesome. Or your generic XxXx4201337snip3zxXxx type player who moans about everything and tells EVERYONE that they’re high or something – protip: Nobody gives a fuck. It’s nearly impossible to find a like-minded mature individual who just wants to play a game for the enjoyment.

    2: Shitty rehashes with day 1 DLC. These rehashes bring absolutely nothing new to the table and in fact they usually end up making the game even more basic than the original yet still want you to pay £40 for the game then another £5-10 for day 1 DLC. This is so ridiculously stupid and honestly needs to stop yet console users happily pay for this rubbish just so they can get some rehashed map packs that were thrown together in 10 minutes.

    3: DRM and pirates. The paid users end up suffering because they try to implement methods of stopping piracy.. and yet within 24 hours a crack is usually made and they just completely get around this. Piracy is at an all time high too which ends up hurting the decent (yet unpopular) developers more than anyone else. I don’t care if someone wants to pirate Mass Effect or Call of Duty but at least throw some cash towards the niche developers who aren’t rolling in money so they can continue to make games that you actually enjoy.

    • “I don’t care if someone wants to pirate Mass Effect or Call of Duty but at least throw some cash towards the niche developers who aren’t rolling in money so they can continue to make games that you actually enjoy.”

      I concur, I have no real desire to give a damn about any software maker both big or small too, if they have done nothing to generate genuine loyalty.

      But I do like this one company, and I know the owner personally actually, and he has no need to fear me scamming him or his company where his games are concerned. His product is good, and the man understands how to make friends and keep them that way.

      But big names, fuck em, they haven’t done anything genuinely useful lately really.

      I can count the number of great ground breaking games in the last 10 years from my own genre preferences, and not require more than just fingers for counting.

    • Agreed, but i see this differently. Sega and Nintendo need to merge.

      Sega know there hardware since they come from military background.

      Nintendo know how to sell.

      Both know how to make good games and iconic franchises.



        • though, even that’s rather debatable. Nobody seemed to give a shit about the Sega CD/Mega-CD either. Still, had it been released a lot earlier in the system’s life, it might’ve fared just a little better and not have quite as pathetic of a roster of games. The Sega CD at least has a few classics to its name, like Popful Mail, and didn’t rely so heavily on ports…. 32X only has the token Sonic title, Chaotix, which even Sonic fans seem to find overlookable compared to Sonic CD (though I gotta say, I am interested in Tempo and Kolibri).

    • Shippoyasha says:

      Also funny how with Japanese gamers, Microsoft doesn’t represent big bad evils the way westerners view them (mainly since the PC battles are more visible in the west).

      That said, I think MS has done a pretty good enough job overall. They’ve been constantly growing their game division while Sony had to play catchup since they put too much eggs in their basket with the Cell idea and Bluray and making a whole ruckus of not supporting the PS3 with quality software for online infrastructure. I actually like Sony going into games business. I have lot of great memories with it. But all the over politicizing of gaming after Sony joined and Nintendo went on a crazy attack kind of made for a lot of weird debacles since then.

      • “Sega’s withdrawal from the hardware business.” –I’m with this.

        “The merger of Square and Enix.”–
        My girlfriend is with this.

        “The demise of the Dreamcast.” —
        My little bro is with this.

        “The PlayStation Network is currently building its own tragedy…” —
        We all lol’d at this.

  • The release of WoW and the subsequent dumbing down of it and nearly every MMO to come after it was one of the worst moments in gaming history.

    That aside all the preorder and day 1 dlc.

    • Eh, the release of WoW wasn’t bad, now they’re trying to figure out how to keep their millions of customers from leaving while still bringing in more. Their answer to that seems to be an attempt to simplify some things.

      The dungeons/raids are anything but simple though. The latest expansion has it so that everyone has a job to do and must be doing it for the group to win. As opposed to the vanilla WoW 40-man raids (Molten Core), where half the dps could be on auto-follow and it wouldn’t matter.

      Anyhow, I’d argue that making parts of the game less complicated isn’t the same as dumbing it down, it makes it more enjoyable for more people.

      • Fair enough. However, nearly every MMO to come after it has either tried to be different and largely failed, or been a clone and largely unoriginal. Sure, you can point out that there are some MMO’s that are different and succeeded, but they are the vast minority.

        Being a person who fancies MMORPGs, seeing WoW released every year with slightly new graphics, slightly different stories, very similar mechanics and a different name gets pretty disheartening to the entire market.

  • Interesting.

    Myself, I don’t hate the PS3, I just have almost no interest in the games made for it. Thing exists really as just a media hub for me, and occasionally someone plays a game on it.

    XBox360, hehe it’s made by Microcrud, of course it is constantly in need of repair.

    Nintendo, I wish they wouldn’t make themselves into brand name whores and let every piece of crap wear the brand name. Damn glad someone invented the flashcart. Because while they have made literally thousands of games for the DS, it’s not like they have more than a few hundred that should have ever seen the light of day.

    3DS is almost all hype too. Too small, and simply not enough reason to want one. Sticking with my DSiXL.

    Wish Final Fantasy had stopped the sequal insanity at 10. It’s been an increasingly more and more horrible game since. Wouldn’t play it for free.

    Not like it’s all bad though. I LIKE that PC gaming has turfed retail shelf as much as retail shelf has turfed PC games. Bought all of my 2010 releases as digital downloads. PC gaming is doing just fine people, you just should stop looking for them in console stores. Console stores, there’s a reason we call them CONSOLE stores eh, not gaming stores.

    I think by 2012, we will see enough LARGE sized hand held doodads, that hand held gaming will truly become a lot more than just a discussion about Nintendo and Sony products.

    NGP, also unlikely to want one of those as well.

  • 1. Developers making the same game over and over and just changing one minor function (also applies when comparing two different series)
    => FPS Genre: New FPS games can be organized in either “CoD-like games” (Crysis 2, Brink(?), …) or “BF-like games” (Medal of Honor, Homefront, …)

    2. Games being made as “chip snacks” and not “tasty desserts”
    => (educational reference: /watch?v=Aip2aIt0ROM )

    3. Community
    => Pirates (PC)
    – Developers stop supporting PC games
    – Games get stuff like DRM
    – Developers make only (chipsnack) games that sell regardless of piracy and how good/bad they are (CoD, …) ===> the Wii and CasualGaming comes up
    – Games get only ported to the PC, slowing down the process of calculations ingame. General image quality falls (realism, physics, lightning techniques, texture quality, stuff that gives the games an advanced atmosphere ..)

    => Consolers (many)
    – Mainly buy said chipsnack games and support the Developers in making repetitive and “bad” (going-into-the-wrong-direction) games
    — get more closed-minded through said games; stuff like “only what I play (on) is good, all other consoles and games are inferior
    — leads to console wars

    4. Multiplayer killed the Singleplayer
    – MP stucks people to one game only (that might be fun, but is bad for the industry)
    — many won’t buy new games, but only stay true to their game/series.
    4.1 Gaming slang (pwnd, noob, …)

    5. Death of Commander Keen
    – I want my fucking new Commander Keen that ID Software wanted to get out at Christmas ’92


  • I don’t have much idea about the Japanese gaming industry and their products itself, but i can say a few thing about the more conventional (not necessary only the US but more like global scale). Here’s my 2 cents
    -The self-regeneration in action game (you suck your thumb for like couple of seconds, and then you back to business unscathed). I really really hate this, despite the fact that it save me literally a million time from reloading. Take away the need of searching for bandage/drug/healing substance
    -Wii. No-Fucking-Word-For-It
    -Slow motion. C’mon, things get old quick, especially in a game when i need to watch the whole sequence again and again, and again…till i turn the fucking thing off
    -Maybe i’m getting better over time (which i doubt it), but game recently seen a bit “easy”, and “open”. Easy, with all the regeneration-and-cover, the mini-combo-finishing-move. Don’t forget the whole instruction, the friendly user interface that even show you how to press A/B/C just to fucking sit. sometime playing mean watching a long beautiful film in awe.

  • “What’s the Worst Tragedy to Befall the Gaming Industry?”

    The streamlining and dumbing down of games trend that exists because developers know console gamers settle for less and do not call them out on their bullshit.

  • DLC has not really invaded Jap development studios like it has the Western developers. So it’s only natural that it would not be on their shit list. Part of the perks of Japan’s no rental policy and flip-flop policies on used titles.

    • RROD was really bad for xbox users. but as an RPG man myself, i would have to say for me it is how genric story and characters have become mixed with developers trying so hard to innovate gameplay that it becomes overly complex and a chore to play.

  • “When this barren console war started.”
    I play games to enjoy them. I don’t give a fuck about what others think of whatever console I’m using (I don’t have preferences, don’t have most of them, not a big gamer anymore), nor do I think there is any point in such a ‘war’. Yet, that’s the junk I read too often in gaming discussions, sadly.

  • Wait, if the question has no year limit, why is it getting answers relevant to 20xx? One of the worst tragedies was ET for the 2600. Shit was so bad that it nearly killed the gaming industry.

    Console gaming, but still..

    One of the more recent tragedies IMO was DRM up the ass. Ubisoft even forced its customers to stay online at all times while playing (or else the game will stop working) at one point.

    • I agree with the Ubisoft thing. I think you even have to be a paying customer, like Xbox Live gold and whatever the PS3 one is called. In order to access it, which is sad…its p2p. They are just trying to stop pirating..but going about it the wrong way.

    • agree, the crash of video game industry in 1977~ and 1983 for North America

      that almost like the dark ages for the industry and we probably would just got PS-ONE if they didnt revive the industry soon after those dark time

      the industry will continue on even with those petty issue such as RROD and such, it wouldnt affect too much of the industry and crash it

      seriousness aside, i say the decision of companies going “Family Friendly” >_>

      • What the fuck was that bastard smoking when he wrote “ET THE EXTRA TERRESTRIAL” The Video Game?

        Its almost like he WANTED to destroy the 1980’s Game industry when he wrote it!!

        • Exactly. If everyone learns nothing else today from this article, know that in every case, almost without exception, that if a shitty game is released, that it’s because of time, money, management issues, or all three. Even incompetent creators have a team that balance them out as equals if there is nobody pulling the strings. The gaming industry as a whole is a very small, very closely knit collection of people, even at its current size. We may no longer know everyone by name, but reputation and capabilities are known at the click of a button.

          Developers do make mistakes though, like I was part of a game that wasn’t up to standard. Not horrible, just decent. But we knew it. So instead of release, the developers all agreed “Nope, more time, we need to make it more fun” but we were overruled by the money pushers. We couldn’t blame them though, it’s still expensive as hell. People like me just do everything we can to make every piece that we’re responsible for look good or work well with the time we have allotted, which is why we got the job in the first place. If we try new, innovative things though, we need leeway to screw up, otherwise it’s literally hit or miss. We no longer have that luxury anymore. So now you get the same stuff that was time tested from earlier games for safety, because there’s no chance for the risks.

        • I’ve long since disposed of a magazine which had an interview with the guy, but the problem was that he had a stupidly short time to make it. Something like one week, on his own. All the bosses could see was the dollar signs, so it was terrible management really.

      • I would consider the great videogame crash to only be relevant to American console gaming, and not overseas, home computer gaming or arcades, where everything was way ahead of the Atari 2600’s catalogue in quality already.

        But perhaps I should revise this stance. Nintendo becoming dominant so quickly after that was certainly the point when games became thought of as toys for children. Previously almost all games advertising was directed at adults.

        Even with the average gamer said to be in their early 30s now, and female gamers matching male gamers in number, there’s a feeling that every publisher’s main demographic is still 13 year old schoolboys.

        • imo, i think aiming at children are much easier to convince them that video game are cool than a rational mind of an adult, so over time VideoGames are stereotyped as a children entertainment rather for the adults and the violent and sex in the virtual games only boiled controversies and worries the parents.

          so developers tends to get pressured to lessen the violences graphics or sexuality in games to be more “family friendly” One good example is Rockstar GTA:San Andreas Hot Coffee 😛

          i learn much of it from ExtraCredit: Sex in Game. more food for thought xP

        • I don’t believe the issue is the demographic as much as just the respect given that demographic. Teenagers look for a hero, something with which to be a role model, whether they know it or not. The problem isn’t so much that games are targetted toward the young, it’s that they are targeted at what stupid people believe young people think.

          If you think about the stories we were told to read in school when we were teens, the ones we didn’t because we were lazy fucks in general. Dostoyevski, Hemmingway, Poe. These are not child’s stories or even intended for a child, however at one time we trusted ourselves with the fact that young adults could learn from the tragedies and drama of these stories.

          That is the problem. People make the argument that because there is voice, sound and graphics that it enhances the experience and therefore should be toned down. This may be true to some degree, but that doesn’t mean we still cannot show teens things like Call of Duty, just as we’d show them Saving Private Ryan to show them the horrors of war in a controlled environment.

          It’s down to the fact that parents treat their kids like objects to own and invest in instead of actual human beings. And people have forgotten that parenting is basically being there to guide children through their experiences. And many of us can attest to how much certain videogames affected us emotionally. I have extreme difficulty being anything but a good guy in games because I was brought up in the NES and SNES era where everything had a base story about being the hero and saving the world. It is ingrained in my being because of videogames, as well as shows I watched when I was younger, anime.

        • well, if they can sell games targeted towards 13 year olds to 30 year olds, then why would they change and risk alienating the 13 year olds? (Or the 30 year olds for that matter). Some companies see the market for a different gaming experience (look at the explosion of Cell phone development, it’s cheap and you have a chance at making an incredible amount of money). Almost EVERY game that has been truly targeted at adults, trying to tell a true, mature story, has been a failure. we have some successes (Heavy Rain being a huge trend bucker, but then how many copies did Indigo Prophecy really sell?).

          To be honest, I feel the Japanese gaming industry has grown increasingly infantile in it’s development sadly. At one point, Basch was going to be the main character of Final Fantasy 12, but the big wigs at Squeenix decided that they needed a 17 year old main character to give it a child’s perspective. It’s kind of sad really, but demand better story telling and you get better story telling, vote with your dollar.

        • Yes, true enough comment. Although I suspect most 30+ gamers aren’t online all that much, and it’s a minority that make the rest of us look like kids that never grew up.

          I don’t play online, but I know I buy more more games than practically all of the people I know who are online practically every day. Mainly because they get by on COD alone.

        • And those people are idiots for doing as such, acting beneath their age, for shame. I just laugh at people who talk that way, shows how intelligent they are when they cant think of any words but profanity and insults to say..

  • The biggest tragedy is the decline and fall of Sega. They have gone from being the kings (or rival kings) of gaming to a mediocre, bland publisher.

    Their internal development is almost totally non-existent these days, and most of their talent has either left (Shun Aria, Yuji Naka, Tetsuya Mizuguchi), or has been sidelined (Rieko Kadama, Yu Suzuki).
    “What about Yakuza?”, I hear you say, but that IP is only popular in Japan; it’s sells in the West have been terrible. “Valkyria Chronicles?” Again, terrible sales and relegated to the PSP as a result.

    Where they used to leadand innovate, Sega now desperately copies everyone else; generic shooter The Conduit (Halo), dreary Alpha Protocol (Splinter Cell), Bayonetta (Devil May Cry), Resonance of Fate (Final Fantasy).
    There’s no difference between a Sega game and an Activision one. Indeed EA now seem more distinctive.

    Sega are now almost totally dependent on the likes of Platinum Games and Creative Assembly. Indeed, their biggest seller of recent years has been Sonic & Mario at the Olympic Games. So, their biggest success came as a result of the presence of Nintendo’s mascot. That is utterly humiliating.

    This dependence on external devs and mascots will be their undoing; companies without a distinctive brand or IPs are very vulnerable.

    Capcom’s tendency towards DLC may be annoying but they are now what Sega used to be; a games company with a hugely distinctive brand and massively popular IPs.
    Compare the huge sales of Street Fighter IV and the piffling sales of Virtua Fighter 5 to see my point.

  • Gaming tragedy? The evil empire of Sony trying trying to rule our minds with the PS3! Just kidding. But seriously, I would go with PSN going through its own crisis since it’s been down for some time after and a large scale attack on it by an unknown hacker, and no I’m not talking about our favorite hactivist collective group. But, it serve Sony right for being dicks to the consumers. Of course I could be wrong….

  • “The merger of Square and Enix.”


    They have not released a good game since that day.

    They made up a large chunk of the JRPG industry, the genre shrunk with their implosion.

    Other companies have a harder time justifying NA ports of their games with the lack of JRPGs doing well in the west.

  • Sega left and then things got very uncool the next generation. Sony’s fault; hope every employee hops on a plane and crash into the core of a volcano. won’t say that Microsoft aren’t jerks themselves.