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Yeah actually you’re right about that, this story is american made by 2 american authors that infuse japanese animation artistry into it. In fact the creators are both graduates of the prestigious Rhode Island School of Design and even did stuff for well known animated sitcoms.

BTW they are not asian themselves, what truely made this movie awful was messing up the script, changing the designs from the show, actors not looking like their characters, and the names were changed or mispronounced.

But I do support George Takei’s opinion 100% I had the same impression about the exact same thing. Though what I really found the most odd about the Akira series was it was never made into a anime series.

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  • George Takei to Hollywood: “Quit Whitewashing Anime”:
    People are bitching about Hollywood putting white actors in anime and manga roles. Don’t the Japanese do the same thing in the manga and anime. Hardly ever see any “Asian” looking characters. They all look western to me.

  • George Takei to Hollywood: “Quit Whitewashing Anime”:
    firenation’s building look like thailand while airbender clothes somehow resemble Himalayan monk Waterbender looks like ainu tribe from japanese and earthbender is chinese

  • George Takei to Hollywood: “Quit Whitewashing Anime”:
    I don’t think The Last Airbender flopped because it had a white cast. Anime in general doesn’t feature Japanese-looking characters, and The Last Airbender wasn’t a particularly Asian story as much as it was a universal one. If I had to pick a reason it flopped, it would be because in so many ways it missed the point of the “anime” (or American cartoon in the style of anime, if you prefer). The Fire Nation was played by Indian actors, all of whom overacted their parts and came off as …

  • George Takei to Hollywood: “Quit Whitewashing Anime”:
    I hated that George took away a straight role from a straight person. They should have cast Sulu better and gotten someone that didn’t predominately suck cock. George should only be allowed to play gay roles. See what I did there… Idiots…

  • George Takei to Hollywood: “Quit Whitewashing Anime”:
    Except the bong

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