Comment on George Takei to Hollywood: “Quit Whitewashing Anime” by Adiroth:

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You miserable little dipshit. This guy is practically speaking for anime fans like you & you go on a snide homophobe remark.

Trolls are supposed to be funny. You fail in so many ways it’s even sad.

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    Yo, buddy. #1) the minke whale is NOT endangered and legal to fish and Study. for Science. And Tastebuds. I am not defending the Kiwi who purposely let himself get caught to launch the drama into the international court theatre. I mah let you finish, but I have to correct some stuff here. While Minke whales are not endangered, they are not legal to be fished commercially. The 1982 IWC moratorium banned commercial whaling from 1986 onwards and the ban have not been lifted since. The Japanese …

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    ^ I love you too man. <3

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