Comment on Manyuuhikenchou Breasts “Grotesquely Enormous” by TFish:

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That’s what I was going to say, queen’s blade was grotesque with the oppai enlargement.

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  • Xbox One “Clearly Inferior” To PS4, Sony Stock Surges:
    I thought it seemed pretty cool until I read about the whole having to pay a fee to play used games bit. I don’t even really buy all that many used games, but that’s a deal breaker just on principal for me. There’s no reason for me to have to pay money when my friend wants to let me barrow a game they already played. Doing something like that is like telling me that I don’t actually own the item I paid for. I might as well just become a full on PC gamer if that’s going to be the case. It feels …

  • Chinese Yokosuka Infiltrator “Wanted To Join US Army”:

  • Apple Bans 2ch for “Hate Speech & Porn”:
    Are you saying you can’t just as easily find porn, and racism on reddit? There’s probably more subreddits dedicated to niche fetishes than there are to anything else. One of the most popular boards is a place for users to post naked pictures of themselves.

  • “The Difference Between America & Japan”:
    Oh god… seeing the inside of a vagina when I’m not aroused makes me want to vomit. I’m not all too keen on it even when I am aroused.

  • Operation Tomodachi Sailors Sue Japan: “Pay $100 Million!”:
    See what happen? People suing a private entity because they in tandem with the Japanese government downplayed the severity of this disaster leading people to be unnecessarily exposed to elevated levels of radiation? If that’s not a legitimate reason to attempt to sue someone I don’t know what is.


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