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Ermm.. a bit off I think for Homura… She needs more ‘I don’t care’ attitude

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  • Top 20 Anime of Spring 2014 So Far, According to Sony:
    Where is Escha & Logy Atelier? No Game No Life and Black Bullet should be on the upper list… Mahouka should be on 1st list Where is Love Live! ? What is Jojo? I wonder why Jojo can be on the 1st in this list…must be one of those marketing campaign to sell the games

  • Lady Gaga: “Hatsune Miku Will Open For Me”:
    Apparently Gaga adores Miku :3

  • No Game No Life Bouncy Bathing Anime:
    In yaoi especially hentai one, BALLS bounce

  • Gaworare Moe Maid Bathing Anime:
    Go watch Disney cartoon. It’s safe for children and without shit

  • Top 15 Spring 2014 Anime Premiers:
    Typical pathethic moe-haters. Feeling superiors and cannot be down to earth. ‘Hey all those moe are retards!’ Never instropect himself. Feel “manly man” but actually is coward Looks strong outside, but very frail and insecure inside Bitchy, actually not smarter than his counterpart Bitching at Fanservice, but becomes coward in reality facing those, Sums up all those moe-haters. Are you actually feeling insecure with all those Moe Anime? lol


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