Aya Hirano: “You Don’t Know Anything About Me!”


Professional twitterer Aya Hirano’s legendary confrontations with her creepy stalkers continue, this time resulting in the angriest outburst yet, and a stream of death threats in response.

She tweets thus:

I’ll say this to the people who are always making troublesome tweets about my comrades.

Do you really think my comrades are bothered by your tweets? Do you think my precious comrades would care about something as shallow as that? Do you think it has any impact on my work? Do you think I live by tricking people?

What the hell do you know about me!? Don’t underestimate me!

This is apparently in response to one of her stalkers persistently claiming she is dating fellow singer-seiyuu Kishō Taniyama.

Unfortunately, her response had exactly the effect which might be expected – scores more stalkers immediately started haranguing her, even going so far as to make death threats.

The fact that her agency still has not banned her from Twitter does increasingly seem to suggest this is part of a calculated and very successful ploy to boost her celebrity through her increasingly eccentric online behaviour…

In other news, Hirano has been making friends with guitarist Nile Rodgers:



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