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From plain Jane to lovable Linda in just a few drinks…

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  • Top 10 Ways Even a Really Cute Girl Can Ruin Her Looks:
    Some people like for the people they deal with to BE who they are, bad manners & all. If they’re going to spend time with you, they don’t want the [possibly fake] cutesy act getting in the way. They like their people “straight with no chaser.”

  • Top 10 Ways Even a Really Cute Girl Can Ruin Her Looks:
    When some people get drunk, they get real quiescent & docile while other get loud, boisterous, obnoxious, or even violent. Alcohol is a depressant that lowers one’s inhibitions towards thoughts, feelings, & actions: If you’re sad, you get sadder; If you’re horny, you get hornier; And if you’re feeling angry & aggressive…BAD DRUNK!!!

  • Top 10 Ways Even a Really Cute Girl Can Ruin Her Looks:
    If I’m not mistaken, smoking is still seen as mature, fashionable, hip, & even sexy in most of the rest of the world. In America there is a campaign to put an end to smoking, but I’m not sure there is any big push elsewhere in the world. As for the drugs…Can you say DATE RAEP!?

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    The news on this site is so riveting, who looks to the right or left?

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    1st season: Hero shows up; Hero makes friends with everyone; Hero helps defeat a demon that could actually hurt people; Hero goes home 2nd season: Hero comes back; Hero brings his older cousin & his childhood friend; They also become “heroes”; Fluff episodes ensue.

  • Dog Days Season 3 Previewed:
    Why not? Except for the occasional escaped demon, nothing is likely to happen to you except getting your clothes blasted off you in a fight in public. That’s gotta be one of the safest places ever to live & goof around in.

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    According to the 1st explanation in the 1st season, it’s a peaceful way to settle disputes & spur economic activity now & again. The 2nd explanation given had something to do with maintaining the citizens’ will & ability to fight in case something that could really threaten their society did show up.

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    Sounds like they crossed Batman with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with *insert story of choice about fighting an ancient evil*.


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