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wow, this is a bad list…..except the nose hair (which I agree with),That’s pretty much what I want in a girl: someone who will be my sloppy drunk friend who doesn’t care about saying what’s on her mind. :3

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  • Top 25 Most Overrated Anime:
    Great post is great. 1000+ Internets!!

  • Top 15 Worst Anime:
    it’s not like K-ON! is stopping anytime soon. Why in the hell would I care about a foreign poll? Divergence Eve should be on here somewhere! amirite?

  • Facebook on Japan’s World Cup Victory:
    I apologize for America….a lot of us are really fucking stupid. I’m pretty embarrassed :(

  • Manyuu Hikenchou Massively Uncensored:
    People complain about anime these days being just a bunch of fan service (even if it is true). At least this series tells you what it is. My summary of the announcer’s intro is “This show is full of tits. Big Tits mean everything and small, nothing. I’ll say this again…TITS!!” That’s why I gave it a chance and appreciate the well done, if not 100%, uncensoring.

  • Top 20 Flat-Chested Anime Girls:
    *in duke nukem voice* Hail to the king baby :)


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