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No kidding, what the hell kind of shit is that to complain about?

“Bad posture?”, yep, it’s definitely not a bunch of fat virgins saying that. /sarcasm

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  • Hentai Heroes “Build Your Own Personal Harem!”:
    This game might have been okay for something low tier in production value if it wasn’t behind a retarded pay wall like a fucking shitty Google Play app. If I ever want to play this shit I’ll wait until a pirated copy not reliant on their server is available.

  • Dead or Alive 5 Nude Mod Sexier Still:
    It’s actually difficult to find info on this. It’s own website doesn’t even have a clear download link or FAQ. Can someone explain this? Is this a mod for a console game? A modded game made from “scratch” that can be played on the PC?

  • Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Gets Skimpier Still:
    According to wiki, the PC version will be browser based and called “Dead or Alive Xtreme Venus Vacation”. They know for a fact their BS semi-nude soft porn game would sell nothing if they sell a real PC version since there would be nude mods of that on day 1 and no one would dish out cash for costume after costume which gradually become more and more nude.

  • Wii U Specs “Completely Inadequate” for 2P:
    Nintendotard? I call them Nintenderps.

  • Teacher Steals Boy’s Virginity: “My First Time…”:
    28? Wtf kind of lifestyle and shitty genes does she have?! She looks 40+.


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