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When some people get drunk, they get real quiescent & docile while other get loud, boisterous, obnoxious, or even violent. Alcohol is a depressant that lowers one’s inhibitions towards thoughts, feelings, & actions: If you’re sad, you get sadder; If you’re horny, you get hornier; And if you’re feeling angry & aggressive…BAD DRUNK!!!

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  • Top 10 Mahou Shoujo Anime, According to Women:
    Someone needs befriending…badly! 8D

  • Top 10 Mahou Shoujo Anime, According to Women:
    I don’t know if Lina would want to be thought of as a “magical girl”. Amelia — maybe, but Lina — probably not.

  • JS Loli Idol Group Bans Fan “For Touching”:
    Seeing as they’re touching little girls, we at least know they’re not Catholic priests.

  • Booth Babes of TGS 2014 Sexy As Always:
    In pic #32, the girl with the red beret — she does cosplay doesn’t she? I think this site’s shown pictures of her cosplaying @ comiket. Or at least she seems to look similar to one of the girls frequently shown on this site.

  • Agency Sues Idols & Fans for Dating: “Idols = Slaves”:
    Suing the idols & parents sounds like breach of contract (idols can’t have lovers & parents responsible for enforcing this where & when company can’t). Suing the fans sounds like either trespassing (touching & entering the idols without the company’s permission), theft of property (taking the idols without the company’s permission), or vandalism (‘damaging’ and/or ‘destroying’ innocence/purity/virginity of the idols — or the image thereof of such — which is the company’s …


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