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Remember guys, he only represents Tokyo. I get the feeling the rest of the country ain’t too keen on him.

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  • Ishihara Bans Hanami – “You Must Not Have Fun!”:
    I remember right after 9/11, Americans were told to go on with their lives and to try and live as normally as possible. I know terrorist attack ≠ natural disaster, but is there really this great a cultural difference about how to deal with national tragedy?

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  • Seiyuu Matsuki Miyu Passes Away:
    They replace seiyu all the time. Yes, even when they die. They’ll do their best to find someone that sounds similar.

  • Ai Takabe Busted On Cocaine Charges:
    Japan actually believes there should be consequences for actions and that’s why their country isn’t a crime-ridden shithole like yours and mine is. This girl knew the rules and deserves what’s happening to her. And this gives a new face the chance to shine. Unlike the American system where the same stupid celebs act like morons over and over, set terrible examples for the youth, and never move aside for fresh talent.

  • Dragon Ball Super Tranquil Indeed:
    It’s a filler episode, but at least it’s original content.

  • Dragon Ball Super Tranquil Indeed:
    Pan is a year older than Bra. It is consistent.

  • Playboy: “No More Nudes!”:
    Are you sure this CEO isn’t NED Flanders?


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