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Remember guys, he only represents Tokyo. I get the feeling the rest of the country ain’t too keen on him.

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  • Ishihara Bans Hanami – “You Must Not Have Fun!”:
    I remember right after 9/11, Americans were told to go on with their lives and to try and live as normally as possible. I know terrorist attack ≠ natural disaster, but is there really this great a cultural difference about how to deal with national tragedy?

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  • Dragon Ball Super “A New Super Saiyan Form!?”:
    Thanks guys! The anime really should have explained this though. Not everybody reads the manga. Maybe they cut it for pacing, but then again this is Dragonball we’re talking about…

  • Dragon Ball Super “A New Super Saiyan Form!?”:
    She got deaged in the regular timeline. But in Future Trunks’ timeline, everything after Freeza’s death on Earth should be completely different. Do the Dragonballs even exist anymore in his timeline?

  • Dragon Ball Super “A New Super Saiyan Form!?”:
    Have they ever explained why Mai is young and hot in Future Trunk’s timeline? She should be an old woman like his mother.

  • Oxford University Textbook: “Miku = Cultural Appropriation”:
    I would take this a lot more seriously if these books were actually written by Japanese people. Instead I see a bunch of white and black people’s names on the book getting SJW outraged for the sake of Japanese people that didn’t ask for such a representation. Talk about cultural appropriation.

  • Fight! Iczer-One Censored: “They Don’t Even Care Anymore!”:
    It’s so sad what’s happened to Japan over the last 30 years. Nobody used to care about nudity in media at all until the Western world and the UN kept haranguing them about it. TV Anime of this vintage frequently had nudity. And I hope this kills the “they’re only censoring it to get you to buy the upcoming Blu-ray” argument that people keep trotting out. The fact that they’re doing this to a 30-year old show proves that’s not the case.


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