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Remember guys, he only represents Tokyo. I get the feeling the rest of the country ain’t too keen on him.

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  • Ishihara Bans Hanami – “You Must Not Have Fun!”:
    I remember right after 9/11, Americans were told to go on with their lives and to try and live as normally as possible. I know terrorist attack ≠ natural disaster, but is there really this great a cultural difference about how to deal with national tragedy?

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  • Japanese Government “Will Stamp Out Anime Streaming”:
    That’s actually true. Foreign pandering has been happening ever since Pokemon hit it big. Remember when they wrote out that Takeshi/Brock kid from Pokemon because some American soccer moms didn’t like his eyes?

  • Euphoria Total BDSM Ero-Guro Anime:
    That was a famous crime in Japan. I’m glad that there’s a website out there in English that has those bastards’ real names on it. Most Japanese websites don’t have the guts to do it.

  • Suicide Seiyuu: “With My Face Like This I Can’t Go Back”:
    I looked her profile up on her agency’s site. It said she’s also a practical nurse and an “authorized psychologist” (認定心理士), whatever that is.

  • AKB48 Members Maimed in Saw Attack:
    After reading all the creepy AKB48 handshake antic articles here for all these years, I’m really not surprised it came to this. These pimps have blood on their hands.

  • Man Arrested for Shaking Hands with JK:
    So, is this a thing now? Did AKB make handshaking into a fetish? People need to keep in mind with this story that handshaking is a foreign custom and Japanese usually don’t do it.


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