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Remember guys, he only represents Tokyo. I get the feeling the rest of the country ain’t too keen on him.

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  • Ishihara Bans Hanami – “You Must Not Have Fun!”:
    I remember right after 9/11, Americans were told to go on with their lives and to try and live as normally as possible. I know terrorist attack ≠ natural disaster, but is there really this great a cultural difference about how to deal with national tragedy?

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  • Dragon Ball Super: “How The Mighty Have Fallen!”:
    The wonders of outsourcing, my friends! Back in 1996, Dragonball Z was real anime with Japanese people animating every single cel. Now Toei is too cheap to employ their own people. This particular episode was outsourced to the Philippines.

  • Sore ga Seiyuu: “Masako Nozawa!”:
    Watched it. Looks like the technical aspects of the business are very accurate. But things like the main character falling into the business because she couldn’t get work anywhere else is pretty ridiculous. I’ll laugh and give this show mad props if they have an episode where she is forced to voice a hentai under a fake name to pay her bills just like real life.

  • Dragon Ball Super: “Why Was The Movie Made At All?”:
    Alright, well if it really is a retelling of the two movies like you say, then it is totally pointless because we already saw that. I really hope that isn’t true and we get something new.

  • Sore ga Seiyuu: “Masako Nozawa!”:
    I guess I’ll check out an episode. This doesn’t look like my kind of show at all, but I’ve always been curious about the seiyu biz. Somehow I doubt this is going to be a very accurate portrayal or anything.

  • Dragon Ball Super: “Why Was The Movie Made At All?”:
    Yeah, I don’t know what the point of all this is since we know the gang can never actually meet Beerus and Whis in this series because they do that in the movie. Apparently they’re going to meet very similar lookalikes instead. It seems like such a bad idea; I wonder if it came from Toriyama himself and Toei could not refuse? He seems to want to work Beerus and Whis into all DB stories now even if they don’t belong in them. I do like this era they set the story in.


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