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Wrong. If it was a male teacher in Japan, consenting or not, the teacher would have been accused of raping the student. Then the teacher would get a slap on the wrist.

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  • 23-Year-Old Teacher Sacked for Schoolboy Sex:
    The retards always have to brag about it…….He could have been enjoying those interactions to this day if he didnt feel like boasting

  • 23-Year-Old Teacher Sacked for Schoolboy Sex:
    sigh yea.. i don’t mind their relationship, but the kid is an idiot for bragging about it, just stfu about it. to be honest i feel jealous and mad at the same time. anyway off topic, do you know there’s an australian incest couple, a dad married her daughter, they have a baby and they seem to be happy? yea, something to wonder about, some people consider it ‘sin’.

  • 23-Year-Old Teacher Sacked for Schoolboy Sex:
    not really.. if businessman or police lolicon stealing panties, having sex or grope a schoolgirl.. he’ll be caught and maybe sometimes media will make a big fuss about it.

  • 23-Year-Old Teacher Sacked for Schoolboy Sex:
    if you ask me.. i don’t see any problems with their relationship.. they both agree to have sex.. people take this moral or rule stuff way too seriously imo

  • 23-Year-Old Teacher Sacked for Schoolboy Sex:
    nope.. don’t trust anyone even your close friends.. they might just stab you in the back in the end. I had a close ‘friend’ and he sometimes used me to buy things for him and he didn’t really treated me as his friend..

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    he sure as hell don’t. for sancom trollers are all useless virgins.

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