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Why is Sankakucomplex so bitter about love and relationships? When a ranking result is negative, this site is all “this world is sad” generalizations, but even when it’s more positive, it just has to remind everyone of the previous negative ones or use other arguments to shed more bitterness. ~.~”

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  • Top 10 Reasons You Got Married:
    I would think “wanting to live together” kinda qualifies as love.

  • Top 10 Reasons You Got Married:
    #1 reason: “You realize you aren’t getting any younger and that you aren’t exactly a grand prize yourself so you had better settle for what you can get.”

  • Top 10 Reasons You Got Married:
    @15:09 Anon In layman terms, western culture, you love the person you marry him/her while asian culture, you marry a stranger and learn to love him/her after that…

  • Top 10 Reasons You Got Married:
    Well singapore is a nice place to live in if your in the upper class of citizens, anything below, love wont keep a couple alive. I figured its the same in japan too.

  • Top 10 Reasons You Got Married:
    Love = Marriage is overatted, its sad though the love doesnt include in marriage. Hell i married so i can buy a friggin house. A bachelor cant buy a house(apartment) until he is 35 years old… farking government!

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    O yeah!

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    Well it’s not his fault Kagami is drawing most of it. I wish Kagami gets tired of it and Butcha fills in for him.

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    Holy crap. Am I the only one who appreciates this and what it means? This is Eroquis’ big break! Retaining Butcha-u’s distinct art style in animation form, isn’t this what everyone wanted when he teased an april fools animation back then? It might pave the way for more of his work on the big screen like Sex Sweepers, Sacrifice Heroes, Fantasia and perhaps the recent epic DELIGHTFULLY FUCKABLE AND UNREFINED HAPPY HOUR!! Smh, it’s like most of the people here haven’t even heard of the Eroqius …

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    Best Nisekoi!! Whoever disagrees is gay.

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    How is the spanking offensive? Its so fucking basic my god. Its hardly indepth? Its fucking click here with an icon. So stupid. I would understand if it was properly rendered, with realistic movements and shit but this is so basic you could keep in..


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