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No worries Drakos.Amatras.
I think the Burmese government was the most recent example. Honestly I try not to linger on these things and I don’t really take it personally.

Better examples, (maybe?)

Okinawa just wrote up an anti-American piece shortly after this was published.
I remember during Operation Desert Storm, Kuwait requested military aid to oust Iraqi invaders from their country. Then when our soldiers arrived they made our troops remove the American flags from their uniforms because it offended them. Instead of telling them to take a hike, we complied.

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  • Operation Tomodachi: US Military “Too Cool”:
    It’s nice to see gratitude at all. I remember a lot of ingrate nations just taking our aid for granted, snapping up food whilst simultaneously flipping us the bird. Burma/Myanmar comes foremost to mind.

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  • Oxford University Textbook: “Miku = Cultural Appropriation”:
    I would take this a lot more seriously if these books were actually written by Japanese people. Instead I see a bunch of white and black people’s names on the book getting SJW outraged for the sake of Japanese people that didn’t ask for such a representation. Talk about cultural appropriation.

  • Fight! Iczer-One Censored: “They Don’t Even Care Anymore!”:
    It’s so sad what’s happened to Japan over the last 30 years. Nobody used to care about nudity in media at all until the Western world and the UN kept haranguing them about it. TV Anime of this vintage frequently had nudity. And I hope this kills the “they’re only censoring it to get you to buy the upcoming Blu-ray” argument that people keep trotting out. The fact that they’re doing this to a 30-year old show proves that’s not the case.

  • Dragon Ball Super “More Tournaments!”:
    South Koreans are actually really GOOD at animation these days, though. No, Toei is unique in that they outsource to the Philippines, and they are NOT good.

  • Dragon Ball Super “More Tournaments!”:
    Yep. Which one of you guys was the weirdo that requested a Goku VS Winnie the Pooh battle?

  • Japanese “Sexless Because of Anime & Manga”:
    True. I found my old Japanese girlfriend on Facebook the other day. She’s still single at age 35 waiting for Mr. Perfection. There are two sides to everything and Japan is stupid to lay the blame of their problem entirely at their men.


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