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No worries Drakos.Amatras.
I think the Burmese government was the most recent example. Honestly I try not to linger on these things and I don’t really take it personally.

Better examples, (maybe?)

Okinawa just wrote up an anti-American piece shortly after this was published.
I remember during Operation Desert Storm, Kuwait requested military aid to oust Iraqi invaders from their country. Then when our soldiers arrived they made our troops remove the American flags from their uniforms because it offended them. Instead of telling them to take a hike, we complied.

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  • Operation Tomodachi: US Military “Too Cool”:
    It’s nice to see gratitude at all. I remember a lot of ingrate nations just taking our aid for granted, snapping up food whilst simultaneously flipping us the bird. Burma/Myanmar comes foremost to mind.

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    How about Vlad Tepes? That would make a neat connection to his previous work.

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    It had a remake manga a few years ago from which they could adapt. I bought the first volume, but it was clear this manga was designed to be printed in full-color and they cheaped out.

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    I’d say the same for all of these. They’d all be full of “outsourced-to-some-3rd-world-shithole” animation and they’d CGI all the mecha instead of actually drawing them like they used to. I’d prefer just having HD remastered versions of all these shows.

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    Thanks guys! The anime really should have explained this though. Not everybody reads the manga. Maybe they cut it for pacing, but then again this is Dragonball we’re talking about…

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    She got deaged in the regular timeline. But in Future Trunks’ timeline, everything after Freeza’s death on Earth should be completely different. Do the Dragonballs even exist anymore in his timeline?


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