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well, when drones or madmen like Raymond Davis are murdering your kids after seconds of receiving aid, you will cry for Murder as well, unless you are a Masochist.

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  • Gabriel Dropout Cooks Up More Chaos:
    Is My Big Sister Going Wild With Masturbation Using A Vibrator In Her Panties While Sleeping? Her Room Is Usually Always Quiet, But Now I Can Hear Strange Mechanical Sounds Coming From Inside, “Vweeen, vweeen!” When I Went To Take A Look, I Could See That She Was Sleeping In A Totally Sexy Position! She Was Using A Vibrator To Bring Herself To Masturbation Ecstasy.

  • Gabriel Dropout Cooks Up More Chaos:
    “You Want To Cum Inside Me? I’ll Get Pregnant. Is That Okay With You?” The Cutest Girl In Class, Who Has Incredibly Bad Grades, Said She Wanted To Talk To Me, So She Came To My House(I’m Her Homeroom Teacher)! And She Demanded That I Give Her The Questions For The Term-End Exam And That I Raise Her Grades.

  • Accel World VS Sword Art Online OP Levels Up Hype:
    Typical Mental Retarded SAO lover

  • Final Fantasy VII Remake “Still Ages Away”:
    not sure if I will buy the remake, I need to see more gameplay to decide that but I did not buy XV because of the combat and boring open world.

  • Accel World VS Sword Art Online OP Levels Up Hype:
    Typical SAO dick sucking.


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