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Any US president would have done the same, no matter how shitty. And the military commanders in Japan would have probably done what they could even if you had a president who was enough of an asshole to disapprove of it. For one thing, it's the right thing to do. For another, if the US military doesn't want to get tossed out of Japan, they have to help.

And the Air Force brought over the Air Force, and a lot of the Army, too. And the Marines, despite the backronym about the Navy. (My Ass Rides In Navy Equipment.) The Navy carries things that are too big to carry in planes.

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    The US isn’t alone there. There are a bunch of Kiwis and Aussies there, too, military and civilian. A lot of them came in through Yokota. And a couple weeks ago, I saw a road crew replacing a section of pavement, a couple dozen yards of it. Between when I rode by and saw them jackhammering, and riding by again seeing (roped off) fresh, flat pavement in place was less than an hour. Yeah they’re fucking fast.

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