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I’m a Burmese. And I can definitely assure you the Burmese people are really grateful for what USA has done for us. Burmese are not ingrates by history, as far as I’ve understood; recognizing gratitude is part of our culture and courtesy, in fact. (Not to say there won’t be an occasional bastard, but they’re not worth the attention.)

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“Burma/Myanmar comes foremost to mind.”
I’m really sorry and embarrassed to hear that this is the kind of impression it made on our willing benefactors. The thing is, the government filtered the aid materials repeatedly, and they pinched away the best/better stuff throughout the process. The victims got, like, noodle packets, perhaps; at the same time, their act of theft pretty much revealed itself when some of the thieves ate too much of the high-energy food included in the aid materials and started having health complications. “Serves them right.” barely suffices in this case.

Since the government is the only “public” face Burma has, I’m pretty sure the ungratefulness came from the government people, maybe to make the aiders turn away in disgust, and definitely by their nature.

In any case, I can assure you that most of the Burmese people only want to live in peace without fear, and they’re hoping the US Army would storm the new capital one day and bring those scum to justice. Though that’s a high hope, considering China and Russia won’t agree with that as long as they’re getting sold resources by the Junta.

Anon 15:22
“The goverment is the people and reflects the general thoughts of that country.”

That might be the case in a democratic nation. Burma, no matter how much the government insists, isn’t one; they’re dictators, and very very dumb ones at that. Thanks to Anon 15:44 for clarifying.

For detailed Nargis disaster news, go to and check the news section around 2008 April/May and a couple of following months. I’m sure international news channels covered about the disaster, but there’s only so much they could have shown on TV with the time restraints.

Bonus pics concerning Nargis aid:

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    “If the population is, in general, dishonest, why the hell they expect their governors to be different?” So true… T_T As much as I would like to be optimistic, I can’t disagree with the quote. Though I can’t see Burma fitting the quote because, well, the government doesn’t represent the people in our case. The current government body here today came into power through a coup on… the previous body who pulled a coup. Huh.

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